You Can Now Send 100MB Files on Facebook Messenger

After giving Facebook Messenger users the ability to edit messages (with a few caveats) last December, Meta is giving a new set of updates to the popular messaging app, which include being able to send files of up to 100MB.  READ MORE: You Can Finally Edit Messages on Facebook Messenger Facebook Messenger App Silently Adds […]

Facebook Log Out Philippines: Major Outage In Facebook Have Users Getting Logged Out

Facebook is having a major log out problem in the Philippines today. with users reporting getting logged out of their accounts on their phones and devices despite not doing anything. We’re part of the affected user base as Facebook logged us out of our account despite not doing anything. Read more How To Turn Off […]

How To Turn Off @Everyone tags in Facebook

Are you getting sick and tired of getting tagged in posts that use the Facebook command @everyone? Tired of your previous acquaintance dragging you kicking and screaming into their “I’m the main character posts” every time you open Facebook? Don’t worry, you just have to follow the steps down below and you’ll finally be rid […]

You Can Finally Edit Messages on Facebook Messenger

Meta has announced several quality updates to Facebook Messenger in its efforts to make it a robust messaging platform. While the rollout of these updates will take some time, the updates that Meta will be implementing to Facebook Messenger are useful. To start things off, Meta is improving the privacy of Facebook Messenger by enabling […]

Back Button Broken on Facebook App for Android Users

Stop mashing that back button when using the Facebook app: it won’t do you any good.  The back button has simply stopped working for some Android users of the Facebook App, forcing users to click on the app’s own back button instead. The issue is not locked to the devices of a specific manufacturer as […]

Meta Announces Ad-Free Tiers for Facebook, Instagram in EU

Meta officially announced its ad-free tier to Facebook and Instagram users in the EU, EAA, and Switzerland area starting in November. This is part of Meta’s compliance with European regulations, where the paid tiers aim to give better privacy protection to its users. Meta is imposing a hefty price tag for an ad-free experience on […]

TNT makes Facebook Access Affordable with FB Chat 50

TNT is making access to Meta platforms like Facebook more affordable with FB Chat 50. TNT’s latest prepaid promo comes with 3.5 GB of data that’s valid for 7 days. The promo gives subscribers around 500MB of data to access Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger so that they can still be connected to their friends […]

Facebook Finally Lets you Keep up to 4 Profiles

With the digital world evolving these days, people would not be content with having just one Facebook profile. Some users (like myself) would need different profiles for different purposes–one for connecting with family and friends, and perhaps one that’s focused on their passions. However, the idea of logging off and logging in to a different […]

Facebook Messenger App Silently Adds Notes Feature

After Meta transformed Instagram Notes into a separate app called Threads, it seems they are not giving up with the idea of having notes as status messages. To everyone’s surprise, Meta silently updated the Messenger app to incorporate Notes as a status message of sorts for all users.   The idea behind Notes is that […]

Meta May Offer Paid, Ad-free Facebook In Europe

Meta is reportedly seriously considering a paid, ad-free subscription for both Facebook and Instagram in the EU, a decision likely spurred on by higher data privacy standards in the region according to the New York Times. There’s no word on how much these ad-free subscription tiers would be, though it’s pretty much guaranteed that an […]

Major Internet Outage in the Philippines? Google, Facebook Down

(UPDATE 2): PLDT released a statement to the ongoing internet problem: One of our submarine cable partners confirms a loss in some of its internet bandwidth capacity, and thus causing slower internet browsing. We are now working with our partners to provide alternate capacity that would restore the browsing experience in the next few hours. […]

Facebook Glitch Adds New Friends Without Users’ Permission

Late last week, I was simply browsing my Facebook feed as usual when a notification buzzed in. Someone had accepted my friend request. While this could be deemed an everyday occurrence, the strange part is that I had never sent that person a request. Thankfully, I can now dismiss all notions of supernatural intervention as […]