The Galaxy A54 has the Best Flash Sale Price Today (May 10)

If you’re looking for an incredible deal for a mid-range phone, Samsung has slashed almost Php 14k on the Galaxy A54, which is the 2nd best-selling Android phone for 2023. This deal can be availed in Lazada, and it seems that Samsung is offering this crazy flash sale for the Galaxy A54 for today (May […]

Is the Samsung Galaxy A54 a Bad Phone?

Among the many phones that we have reviewed last year, one of the more controversial ones is the Samsung Galaxy A54. It was the first A-series generation that has removed the A7x from existence, making the A54 the top-end variant for Samsung’s mid-range line in 2023. READ MORE: Samsung Galaxy A54 Review Philippines: Close to […]

The Galaxy A54 is 2nd Best Selling Android Phone for 2023

When we reviewed the Galaxy A54 last year, it got a lot of hate because Samsung decided to use an Exynos 1380 instead of a Snapdragon chip like its predecessor. We proved to everyone that the Exynos 1380 is not as bad as people assumed, yet people crucified the Exynos 1380 as if it was […]

Redmi Note 12 Pro+ Beats Galaxy A54 in Camera Performance

With the Redmi Note 12 Pro+ set to arrive in the Philippines on April 13, everyone is probably wondering how good is the 200-megapixel ISOCELL HMX sensor used for the main camera. While the sensor is smaller than the ISOCELL HP1 used on the more expensive 12T Pro, the mid-range device pulled off a good […]

Samsung Galaxy A54 Review Philippines: Close to Flagship?

Review Verdict: Samsung did a relatively good job with the Galaxy A54 overall as a competitive upper mid-range offering in the Philippines. As the leader of the 2023 Galaxy A-series line, the A54 feels like a Galaxy S23 FE with its premium looks and flagship-like features. There’s no need to criticize its Exynos 1380 processor, […]

Galaxy A54 Scores 107 in DxOMark, Behind 11T Pro By 1 Point

As the Galaxy A54 appears to be a pseudo-Galaxy S23 FE, especially with the build and main camera upgrade, we’re curious about how it ranks in DxOMark. Granted that it’s just a mid-range device, we wonder how good that 50-megapixel main camera considering we’re generally happy with the shots we took during our quick review. […]

Galaxy A54 Performance Test: Is Exynos Really THAT Bad?

With the launch of the Galaxy A54, the supposed affordable version of the Galaxy S23 was generally promising–save for people’s mixed thoughts about its use of an Exynos 1380 processor. We understand their qualms: last year’s Exynos 1280 was underwhelming because of optimization issues when it comes to games. Samsung claims big improvements on the […]

The Galaxy A54 Will Still Use an Exynos Processor

While the entire Galaxy S23 series use Snapdragon processors exclusively, Samsung’s Exynos processors are not completely dead yet. More reports are confirming that the upcoming Galaxy A54 will follow in its predecessor’s footsteps by using an Exynos processor–specifically, the Exynos 1380. As an update over the Exynos 1280, the 1380 is an octa-core processor with […]

The Galaxy A55 Cameras are Slightly Better than the A54

The Galaxy A55 just launched a few days ago, and while it’s more affordable than its predecessor at launch, people have mixed opinions about its cameras. We can’t blame them, since the Galaxy A55 uses the same set of cameras found on the Galaxy A54. To recap, the camera setup consists of a 50-megapixel main camera, […]

Samsung Galaxy A34, A54 Hands-on Philippines: Streamlined Mid-Rangers

A month after Samsung unveiled its Galaxy S23 series comes the Galaxy A34 and A54. Yes, there’s no A7x series this time around, and both the Galaxy A54 and A34 get a makeover to make them look similar to their more expensive Galaxy S23 siblings. Despite being just mid-range offerings, Samsung packed a few flagship […]

S23 in Disguise? Samsung Unveils Galaxy A34 and A54

Samsung officially unveils the “lightweight” version of its Galaxy S23 series with the Galaxy A34 and A54. We emphasize on the new A-series models as affordable versions of the Galaxy S23 series since Samsung decided to use the same design language, where you get individual camera bumps on the back panel. Both the Galaxy A34 […]

More Affordable Samsung Galaxy A35 5G Also Arrives In The Philippines

Aside from the mid-range Galaxy A55, the Samsung Galaxy A35 5G was also launched in the Philippines at a fairly competitive price. The Galaxy A35 is a more affordable option to the A55 5G. It has the same design as the latter, though you’re looking at a plastic construction rather than glass and plastic on […]