Finally: LTO is Issuing Driver’s License Cards Once Again

After months of facing a crisis where LTO has to issue driver’s licenses on paper due to a card shortage, the agency appears to have resolved the issue once again. LTO has started issuing driver’s license cards starting April 16, and the new batch of cards they have procured should be able to solve their […]

The LTO wants to Hunt Down Choosy Drivers This Christmas

One of the struggles of commuters this Christmas season is the abundance of choosy drivers who either refuse to give them a ride or demand enormous amount of money just to make the trip possible. The LTO does not want any commuters to go through the hassle, which is why they are on the hunt […]

LTO Considering Mandatory Registration of E-Bikes

Aside from dealing with the sheer number of unregistered vehicles in the Philippines, the LTO thinks that e-bikes and electric scooters, regardless of capacity, should undergo mandatory registration. This is what LTO Chief Vigor Mendoza said, elaborating that he pushes for the mandatory registration of e-bikes. Under LTO Administrative Order 2021-035, EVs that have a maximum […]

LTO to Extend Driver’s License Validity to April 2024

After extending the driver’s license validity to October 31 last April due to a shortage of plastic cards, the LTO has issued a new advisory where the validity will be extended to April 2, 2024–or until the LTO has resolved the shortage. The advisory also adds that no penalties will be collected for licenses that […]

Close to 1.8 Million Plates Still Undelivered by LTO

Aside from the shortage of license cards, the LTO also has to deal with undelivered license plates to registered car owners who have paid for them since 2015. According to a report by Philippine Star, the LTO has yet to deliver 1.797 million plates to registered car owners, which is worth Php 808.702 million. How […]

LTO Rolls Out Electronic Driver’s License via LTMS Portal

While the LTO is working to address its shortage of license cards, the LTO is spot on with its promise to roll out electronic driver’s licenses as an alternative to the physical driver’s license. To have access to the electronic driver’s license, you will need to have an account at the LTMS portal of the […]

GUIDE: How To Make Your Own LTO Improvised Plates

A month or so ago, the Philippine motoring world was shocked then the Land Transportation Office (LTO) announced that it would allow road users to make improvised plates due to a shortage. Since then, there’s been a lot of back-and-forths on the matter which definitely has left people quite confused. Thankfully, the agency has posted […]

Jose Arturo Tugade is New LTO Chief

Sen. Poe Calls Out “Chaotic” LTO Digitalization Program

With the LTO in a mess right now, Sen. Grace Poe did not mince her words when she called out the agency for its “chaotic” Digitalization Program in a press statement. This is following the many issues that the LTO is facing including the resignation of then-chief Jose Arturo Tugade and the shortage of license […]

LTO Removes Stencil Requirement for Registration Renewal

In its bid to simplify the process of vehicle registration renewal, the LTO announced that it will be removing the stencil requirement, which involves getting the vehicle’s engine and chassis number through stenciling. This new initiative has been confirmed in a memorandum circular that was issued on May 22. LTO explains that removing the stencil […]

Longer LTO Registration Validity Eyed by Congress

While LTO registration has improved with the introduction of the LTMS portal for registered vehicles, Congress is pushing to extend the validity for both cars and motorcycles. This is on top of extending the registration of new motorcycles to 3 years. In the proposed “Extended Motor Vehicle Registration Act” filed by Cagayan de Oro 1st […]

Jose Arturo Tugade is New LTO Chief

LTO to Reduce Medical Exam Fee to Php 300

Amidst all the controversy it is facing, the LTO is finding ways to make the application for a student permit or driver’s license more accessible. In a more recent move, LTO announced that it will reduce the medical exam fee to just Php 300. A medical exam is one of the major requirements for applying […]

After all the Chaos: LTO Chief Jose Arturo Tugade Resigns

Jose Arturo Tugade experienced chaotic times in his stint as LTO Chief: despite his push to combat fixers, digitize transactions through the LTMS, and even offer free theoretical driving courses to student drivers, the LTO was faced with a plethora of issues. These include the shortage of motorcycle and car plates and the shortage of […]