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Jose Arturo Tugade is New LTO Chief

LTO to Reduce Medical Exam Fee to Php 300

Amidst all the controversy it is facing, the LTO is finding ways to make the application for a student permit or driver’s license more accessible. In a more recent move, LTO announced that it will reduce the medical exam fee to just Php 300. A medical exam is one of the major requirements for applying […]

After all the Chaos: LTO Chief Jose Arturo Tugade Resigns

Jose Arturo Tugade experienced chaotic times in his stint as LTO Chief: despite his push to combat fixers, digitize transactions through the LTMS, and even offer free theoretical driving courses to student drivers, the LTO was faced with a plethora of issues. These include the shortage of motorcycle and car plates and the shortage of […]

No, The LTO Isn’t Allowed To Confiscate Vehicle License Plates

If you’re a motorist in the Philippines, then there’s a high chance that you’ve been pulled over by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) at one point in time. There are a multitude of violations, fines, and penalities that you can get apprehended for – so it can quickly get very confusing. But the LTO reminds […]

LTO Wants to Expand Online Registration to PUVs

As LTO continues to combat fixers and red tape, the government agency is working to expand its online registration to PUVs as well. In the current iteration of the LTMS, users can apply for a driver’s license renewal and renew the registration of their vehicles–provided that their vehicle’s registration is already registered with the user’s […]

LTO Taps DICT for Digital Version of Driver’s License

While the LTO is finding ways to deal with its dwindling supply of license cards, ranging from asking help from the National Printing Office to procure 5 million cards and extending the validity of driver’s licenses expiring from April 24 to October 31, the LTO said that they are working on a digital driver’s license […]

Jose Arturo Tugade is New LTO Chief

LTO to Shorten Exams for Driver’s License Application

Aside from implementing a maximum prescribed rate for theoretical and practical driving lessons–and even offering FREE courses to student drivers, the LTO is also looking at ways to shorten and simplify the exams for driver’s license applicants as well. LTO chief Jay Arthur Tugade said in a statement yesterday (May 5) that he formed a […]

Government Printer to Deliver 5M License Cards to LTO in 60 Days

To temporarily relieve the LTO of its problems regarding the dwindling supply of its license cards, the National Printing Office (NPO), the country’s government printer, has committed to producing 5 million driver’s license cards for the LTO within 60 days. This was confirmed by DOTr Secretary Jaime Bautista to Philippine Star, saying that he had […]

DOTr Says LTO Should’ve Procured Cards, Plates EARLIER

Shots fired. The Department of Transportation (DOTr) wasted no time in letting the Land Transportation Office (LTO) know of its thoughts regarding the recent issues regarding shortages of plates and driver’s license cards. Here’s the scoop. It’s no surprise to anyone at this point that the LTO is facing a shortage of materials for license […]

LTO: “DIY Plates” Only Allowed If Stolen Or Too Dilapidated

With news of the LTO announcing that DIY (Do It Yourself) plates should be the alternative during this shortage spreading like wildfire, the Land Transportation Office has released a statement to clarify what this means. So are we really allowed to just make everything at home and consider it road-legal? Discussing with the public was […]

LTO Asks P6.8B for License Plate Backlog Funding

DIY Plaka: LTO Faces Shortage on Car and Motorcycle Plates

LTO’s woes are far from over: aside from a shortage of license cards that prompt them to extend the validity of driver’s licenses for the meantime, the LTO is also facing a big problem when it comes to car and motorcycle plates. In a presscon by the LTO on April 26, Chief Jose Arturo Tugade […]

LTO Extends Drivers License Validity to October 31

Amidst concerns that the LTO is running out of cards and will be printing driver’s licenses on paper in the meantime, they have announced that they will be extending the drivers license validity to October 31. In an advisory issued by LTO Sec. Jose Arturo Tugade, all driver’s licenses that will expire from April 24 […]

LTO to Print Licenses on Paper Amidst Dwindling Card Supply

If you are going to apply for or renew your driver’s license, you are NOT in luck: because the LTO is facing a shortage in license cards, its solution to the problem is to print all driver’s licenses on paper for the meantime. “Ang forecast ng LTO is completely mauubos iyong inventory on hand ng […]