Converge is the Fastest Internet Provider in PH According to Ookla

Roughly a month after announcing its partnership with DITO, Converge revealed that Ookla hailed them as the fastest Internet provider in the Philippines. The basis of the recognition is based on Ookla’s data for Q3 to Q4 of 2023. READ MORE: Converge and DITO Partner for Assets Sharing Deal What the Converge and DITO Partnership […]

PLDT and Smart celebrate Ookla Speedtest Award Wins

With both Smart and PLDT receiving wins from Ookla for their network performance in the Philippines, Chairman Manuel Pangilinan and President and CEO Alfredo Panlilio recently met with Ookla President and CEO Stephen Bye and other executives from the company in a courtesy visit on July 13 in the Philippines. Also gracing the event were […]

Ookla: Smart is Fastest Mobile Network in the Philippines for 2022

Smart still maintains its reputation as the fastest and best mobile network in the Philippines according to Ookla’s latest report. This time around, Ookla confirms that Smart was able to clinch the award not just for Q1-Q2 of 2022, but also for Q3-Q4 of 2022. “These awards continue to inspire us to innovate and deliver […]

Ookla Q4 2022: Smart is the Fastest Mobile Network

Ookla reveals in its Q4 2022 report that Smart has the fastest mobile network, while Globe has the most consistent connectivity. Ookla recently released its Q4 2022 report on the mobile internet performance in the Philippines, and revealed that Smart delivered the fastest download speeds, while Globe remained to offer the most consistent performance. When […]

Smart Remains to be the Fastest Mobile Network in the Philippines – Ookla

Smart continues to retain its reputation as the fastest mobile network in the Philippines, as reported by Ookla in their Speedtest Intelligence data for Q3 2022. In its report, Ookla reports that Android, Apple, and Samsung users in the Philippines experienced anywhere between 35 to 75% better speeds when connected to Smart compared to the […]

Smart Awarded as Fastest and Best Mobile Network by Ookla

As it continually commits to delivering the best service possible in the Philippines, Smart was recently awarded the best and fastest mobile network by Ookla. Smart’s latest award from Ookla is significant, as only around 20 mobile operators in the world have been given this award, and Smart has been the only telco operator in […]

Ookla Q1-Q2 2022: Smart Has Best Mobile Coverage in the Philippines

In its bid to provide the best possible service for its subscribers in the Philippines, Ookla once again commended Smart for having the best mobile coverage in the Philippines in its Q1-Q2 2022 report. The Q1-Q2 2022 report of Ookla is based on user-generated tests and scans in 2.3 million devices across 671,510 locations in […]

Ookla Reports Better Internet Speeds for Philippines in June

The result of this month’s Speedtest Global Index is out. Internet users in the Philippines would be glad to know that internet speeds have slightly improved. According to Ookla’s recent report for the month of June, the mobile median download speed is at 21.41 Mbps while the upload is at 5.55 Mbps. This is an […]

Ookla: DITO Gets 1% Market Share in PH Telco Market

It has been over a year since DITO launched to become the country’s third telco. Since then, it has amassed over 9 million subscribers and wants to hit 12 million subscribers by 2023. With its continuous expansion in coverage and the services it offers, has DITO made a significant impact in breaking the duopoly between […]

Ookla: Philippine Internet Speed Shows Slight Improvement

Ookla, a reliable provider of internet performance metrics, detected a slight improvement in both mobile and fixed broadband internet speed in the Philippines. Ookla just released the results of its Speedtest Global Index rankings for May 2022, where the local median speeds show 19.26 Mbps for mobile and 60.09 Mbps for fixed broadband. The mobile […]

Ookla Crowns Smart As King Of Mobile Speedtest Once Again (Q1 2022)

This may no longer come as a surprise to some, but Smart was declared by Ookla once again to be the fastest mobile internet provider in the country. The company is currently making a lot of noise with the Sun conversion, unlimited Free TikTok promos, and being the top company in the Philippines as per […]

Ookla: Mobile Internet Speeds in the Philippines Improve this October

Ookla recently revealed its October report for internet speeds, and its data shows that the Philippines is improving for its mobile internet speeds, now posting an average download rate of 38.12Mbps–which is up from 35.03Mbps last September. On the other hand, fixed broadband speeds dipped slightly to 71.08Mbps from 71.85Mbps in September. This marks the […]