Iwas Budol at Scam: How to Stay Safe Online

Protecting your accounts online is now just as important as loving someone. In today’s digital age, you can say goodbye to years of posts and messages, or your money at worst, with a simple click to a phishing website or connecting to an unsecured connection, to name a few. We list down top tips for […]

How to Report Online Scams, Cybercrime, Cyber Libel in the Philippines

Scams and tons of cybercrime proliferate cyberspace, and it seems it’s not stopping anytime soon. Keep yourself informed with this guide on how to report online scams, cybercrime, and cyber libel in the Philippines. Online crimes are just as prevalent as those on the streets. The PNP recorded 16,300 cases in 2023 alone, with over […]

Less Scams? Globe Removes Clickable Links from 8080 Channel

In its efforts to combat scammers using sophisticated methods, Globe has removed all clickable links from its official customer advisories–particularly with its 8080 SMS channel. Recently, Globe’s subscribers have been receiving scam messages that use 8080 or the “Globe” sender ID, where these messages use a fake Globe link to lure them into phishing sites. […]

How to Avoid Lazada and Shopee Scams

While online shopping is the future, it’s a sad reality that people are vulnerable to scams. In fact, Filipinos are the most vulnerable to shopping scams at an alarming 35.9% according to the 2023 Asia Scam Report. READ MORE: –Filipinos Are Especially Gullible to Shopping Scams –Scams are so Bad in PH, the Gov’t Wants […]

Filipinos Are Especially Gullible to Shopping Scams

No need to be surprised why Filipinos are vulnerable to shopping scams like the fake Marshall ads you’d often see on Facebook: according to the 2023 Asia Scam Report, the Philippines has the highest scam rate among 11 Asian countries at 35.9%. The Philippines’ 35.9% rating for Filipinos being victims of shopping scams is exceptionally […]

Scams are so Bad in PH, the Gov’t Wants to Reset Auto-Debits

Scams remain rampant in the Philippines despite recent efforts made by eWallet platforms like GCash that include insurance for transactions. The government is dealing with many cybersecurity issues as of late, and the DICT thinks that resetting the auto-debit feature in eWallet platforms should lessen the number of scams victimizing many Filipinos. According to DICT […]

Meta Keeps Allowing These Scam Businesses To Reach You. Why?

If you’ve been looking at your Facebook feed recently, you’ve probably seen sponsored posts of Marshall Philippines cutting prices by 80% for their most popular models. Only they’re not, as there is no massive sale and this isn’t the official page of Marshall Philippines. It’s a page run by god knows who, and are probably […]

Anti-Scam App Whoscall Launches in the Philippines

In the push to reduce the number of scam calls in the Philippines (trust us, there’s a lot), call identification and spam-blocking app Whoscall brings its services to the country, giving users an additional tool to filter scammers. The app identifies unknown numbers, blocks spam calls, and scans suspicious URLs from messages to provide comprehensive […]

Online Loans PH: Be Careful Of Loan Sharks And Scams

These days, it’s not uncommon to be a little short on funds for important situations. That’s why people become desperate to borrow a huge amount of money right away. Traditional borrowing methods can be cumbersome, so others resort to platforms for online loans in the PH as an alternative. Even if the interest rates do […]

DTI: Shopee, Lazada Also Liable for Online Scams

DTI has issued a warning to online platforms like Lazada and Shopee that they are equally liable for scams especially if vendors are found guilty of selling deceptive and defective products. This was a stern warning issued by DTI Consumer Protection Group USec. Ruth Castelo, where she explained that Lazada, Shopee, and other online platforms […]

DICT Warns: Scammers Taking Advantage of SIM Registration Extension

While it’s a relief that the government has decided to extend SIM Registration to July 25, users need to be more vigilant, as scammers are taking advantage of it. “I already warned that once we extend this [SIM registration deadline], scammers will use that to take the opportunity to continue and hasten their scamming methods […]

BPI and GMA Network Launch Anti-Scam PSA Campaign

As part of its efforts to keep everyone informed about cyber scam practices, BPI has teamed up with GMA Networks for its Anti-Scam PSA campaign that aims to raise public awareness on cybersecurity. For the partnership, BPI, GMA Network, and GMA New Media have come up with anti-scam cybersecurity videos in the form of dramatized […]