Why You Should Consider the ThinkBook 14S Yoga Gen 2 as Your Next Laptop

One of the things that the pandemic has taught us is that it is possible to work remotely and get the job done–as long as you have a reliable laptop to go with it. There are many laptops to choose from, and 2-in-1 models like the Lenovo ThinkBook 14S Yoga Gen 2 are becoming popular […]

Lenovo Brings ThinkBook 14s Yoga, ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 10 to the Philippines

Lenovo brings its latest computers for small businesses in the Philippines with the ThinkBook 14s Yoga and ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 10. The ThinkBook 14s Yoga is a 2-in-1 device that features a dual-tone design on its anodized aluminum exterior to give it an upscale look. Its 14-inch touchscreen display features modern narrow bezels to […]

The Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Gen 3 has a Tablet within its Chassis

Lenovo’s idea of adding another screen with the ThinkBook Plus was met with mixed reception. While the idea is promising, it has its shortcomings when it comes to implementation. Even if foldable laptops are slowly becoming a thing, Lenovo is not giving up on the dual-screen concept. In fact, the Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Gen 3 takes […]

Lenovo’s 2021 ThinkBook Line Now Get 16:10 Displays

Aside from giving the ThinkBook Plus a full makeover, Lenovo also updated its ThinkBook portfolio with 16:10 display and three sizes: the 13-inch ThinkBook 13x i, the 14-inch ThinkBook 14p Gen 2, and the 16-inch ThinkBook 16p Gen 2. The ThinkBook 13x i is touted as the slimmest business laptop in the market with a […]

Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Review: Are Two Screens Better Than One?

Verdict: Lenovo was onto something with the secondary display on the ThinkBook Plus, adding an extra layer of productivity to a device that’s usually useless with the primary display off. Unfortunately, their great idea is marred by a smaller than average battery as well as unstable software, and while the overall idea is sound, there’s still […]

Lenovo Bringing the ThinkBook Plus to the Philippines

After making its debut at CES 2020 earlier this year, Lenovo Philippines announced that it is bringing the ThinkBook Plus to our shores on a per-order basis. While you get the same 13.3-inch Full HD display and anodized aluminum chassis, the ThinkBook Plus adds a 10.8-inch E-ink panel on the outer lid for added productivity. […]

The Lenovo ThinkBook Plus adds an e-Ink Display on its Lid

Made to improve productivity between meetings While the ThinkPad X1 Fold took most of the limelight for its foldable OLED display, the ThinkBook Plus is also unique on its own. Its standout feature? An 10.8-inch e-Ink display that is meant to show pertinent information such as calendar events, to-do lists, and weather information as professionals […]

Lenovo Brings the ThinkBook 14 and 15 to the Philippines

Bigger notebooks for Millennial ThinkPad fans Lenovo expands its ThinkBook line in the Philippines by bringing in the 14-inch and 15-inch versions. Like their smaller 13-inch siblings, both ThinkBooks represent a modern interpretation of the iconic ThinkPad with its boxy look and magnesium alloy body build. Instead of the usual black color, all ThinkBooks sport […]

Lenovo Debuts Millennial Workforce-Friendly ThinkBook 13s

A modern take at the iconic Think line Lenovo adds a new model to its Think portfolio with the ThinkBook 13s. A stylish and modern Think model for tech-savvy millennials and Gen Z yuppies, the ThinkBook 13s sports a sleek silver magnesium alloy body and zinc alloy hinges that makes it light and strong at […]

Lenovo Teams Up with AMD for 2023 ThinkPad Portfolio

Lenovo is bringing over to the Philippines its 2023 line of ThinkPad laptops that are powered by the latest AMD Ryzen processors. Leading the pack is the ThinkPad P16s Gen 1, a workstation-grade business laptop that utilizes Ryzen 7 PRO processors and comes with the ThinkShield Security suite and MIL-SPEC certification, making this behemoth a […]

Lenovo ThinkPhone: Business Phone with a Carbon Fiber-like Back

Lenovo expands the Think family further with its own business phone called the ThinkPhone. Lenovo has an extensive portfolio of business-oriented products under the Think line. There’s the legendary ThinkPad, along with desktops like the ThinkCentre and laptop variants like the ThinkBook. Lenovo is one of the few brands that believe in business-oriented products, which […]

Intel Might Lay Off 20,000+ Employees In PC Industry Slump

Whatever goes up, must come down. This is a common law of the world but also applies to economic trends. Despite being a giant of a tech company, Intel is faced with the reality of having to lay off thousands of employees to keep operations afloat, according to a report by Bloomberg. We deep dive […]