Nathan Reyes

PH Gov’t Invests PHP 16M Into Local Technology And Innovations

The PH government, through the Department of Science and Technology (DOST)’s Technology Application and Promotion Institute (TAPI), has allocated a total of PHP 16 million to support micro, small, and medium enterprises focused on tech. Here’s how. These investments will be broken down and split between the most promising local PH technology innovations. These will […]

All-New OMODA 5 EV Set To Land In The PH By 2023

As the launch date draws closer, Philippine up-and-comer OMODA has expressed its ambition to become one of the leading brands in the country. To achieve this lofty goal, they’ve expressed their intent to offer a complete range of New Energy vehicles in the Philippines. The first of these set to debut this year is the […]

We Tried The Acer Predator Extreme E-Scooter: How It Went

We’ve all seen electric-powered mobility vehicles before. But when we heard that the gaming Acer Predator line was getting an e-scooter, we couldn’t help but get excited. So how does it differ from the brand’s conventional line of e-scooters, and what was it like to ride? We thankfully had the opportunity to take this baby […]

Acer Predator Triton 16 Hands-On: Tower Of POWER

The Acer Predator Triton 16 is undoubtedly another attempt to claim the top dog spot in the highly competitive gaming laptop space. We were instantly reeled in by how complete the package is – at least on paper. After seeing the real thing on the Computex 2023 show floor, are we still impressed? Read on […]

COOLEST Tiny Gaming PC: Acer Predator Orion X Hands-On

There’s quite a lot of stuff that’s been released at Computex 2023, but one thing caught my eye almost immediately: the Acer Predator Orion X. It’s a tiny gaming PC that undoubtedly has one of the most appealing designs to date. Despite its size, it definitely isn’t minimalistic – but that’s a small indicator of […]

3D Gaming Experience With Acer SpatialLabs: Worth It Or Nah?

Initially pegged as a technology for gamers, Acer SpatialLabs 3D is a revolutionary new way to immerse yourself in the universe of your selected title. We finally got to try it out at Computex 2023. Here’s what we have to say about the entire experience. The first order of business was to enter this tiny […]

Acer Swift Edge 16 First Impressions: Insanely Light

We’re live here in Taipei for this year’s iteration of Computex. The first thing we wanted to check out was definitely the latest Acer Swift Edge 16 to gather our first impressions of the device. How was the overpowered ultrabook in real life? The first thing you’ll notice about the Acer Swift Edge 16 is […]

Dev-Friendly: Acer SpatialLabs 3D Tech Gets Even Smarter

Earlier this year, Acer changed the game by bringing 3D back into relevancy with its SpatialLabs technology. Most people saw 3D implementation on consumer tech as quirky, and unique, but nonetheless too gimmicky for use in real life. That’s where Acer comes in. Here are the developments made on the tech so far. The 3D […]

Acer Connect Vero W6M Router: THE ECO-FRIENDLY CHOICE

There is no doubt that the entire world is moving towards sustainability. Consumers, in an effort to minimize their carbon footprint, are beginning to become more conscious of which brands they support. That’s why the Acer Connect Vero W6M router is the company’s announcement to the world that environmental sustainability is still at the forefront […]

The Acer Swift Edge 16 Is An Overpowered Ultrabook

In this day and age, most PC and laptop manufacturers are aiming for the perfect blend of power and portability. This tightrope balancing act is done to meet the needs of the modern on-the-go professional. It’s safe to say that while we are moving closer to the ideal setup as more time passes, there are […]