Nathan Reyes

We Drove The 2022 Toyota Camry Hybrid: First Impressions Philippines

First Impressions Verdict: The 2022 Toyota Camry Hybrid is a viable option if you’re looking to transition into a hybrid setup in the Philippines. It has all the comforts of the Toyota luxury models of old while incorporating modern technology. It’s a classy vehicle that you would enjoy either being driven around in or at […]

The Refreshed 2022 Mini Countryman Is Launched In The Philippines

The AutoHub Group, in collaboration with Mini Asia, celebrated the launch of the refreshed Mini Countryman for 2022 at yesterday’s Philippines media press event. The vehicle receives significant upgrades all throughout, a welcome addition to its already expansive feature list. Under the hood, Mini’s four-banger gets the forced induction treatment via its TwinPower technology. This […]

Interesting Steals From Digital Walker This 12.12 Sale (2021)

You may see their brightly-colored stores in malls when you pass by, filled to the brim with tech goodies. Well, Digital Walker is here slashing the price of selected items during this 12.12 sale in 2021 to make your holiday season a bit merrier. Here are some cool items that would be an absolute bargain […]

5 ASUS Products To Keep An Eye On During The 12.12 Sale (2021)

This 12.12 sale, ASUS isn’t missing out on getting its devices in your carts to end this 2021. Here are some deals that caught our eye and might catch yours as well. ASUS Top 12.12 Sale Picks ASUS ZenFone 8 ASUS ZenFone 8 Flip ASUS TUF Gaming F15 ASUS 23.8-inch 144Hz Gaming Monitor ASUS TUF […]

5 Best Deals From realme For The 2021 12.12 Sale

With the holiday season in full blast, you may be considering getting a new smartphone or smart home gadget for yourself, or for friends and family. Well, smartphone goliath realme is hoping that you add some of their products to your cart this 12.12 sale in 2021. There’s plenty of great deals to be had, […]

Best Mid-Range Phones In The Philippines For 2021 (Q4)

Christmas is coming very quickly, and we know a lot of you want to reward yourselves with a new phone. Thankfully there are Here are our top picks for the best mid-range phones in the Philippines you can consider to end 2021 with a bang. Any of these selections should do the job of being […]

Lazada Lets You Vote And Meet Your Favorite Miss Universe Finalists 2021

There have been times wherein beauty and technology have gone hand-in-hand. This year, Lazada Philippines has once again established itself as the official portal to vote for your favorite Miss Universe 2021 candidates. The Lazada homepage will accept votes during the period of December 1 to 13. 10 lucky fans who choose to vote will […]

Instax Releases BTS Butter-Themed Collaboration In 2021

Rejoice, BTS stans, as your favorite group has just released their 2021 collaboration with camera company Fujifilm’s Instax line of products. As expected, the design is based on their hit song “Butter” which garnered immense recognition worldwide including the recent Favorite Pop Song certification under the American Music Awards. The Instax product in question is […]

Samsung Accidentally Leaks Galaxy S21 FE: Speculative Philippines Price

Riding off the coattails of the Galaxy S20 FE’s success, Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S21 FE smartphone is once again making rounds in the rumor mill. These smartphones garner quite a bit of attention due to their philosophy of delivering most of the flagship features from the company’s cutting-edge at a more affordable price point. If […]

EarFun Free 2 Review Philippines: Refining the Basics

Review verdict: With its rivals competing on who can pack more bells and whistles, the EarFun Free 2 takes the opposite step and focuses on the fundamentals for the Philippines. These buds did everything we needed them to do and more in our review, which makes them one of the most solid competitors in the crowded […]