Nathan Reyes

This Realistic Robot Is Ready To Be Nightmare Fuel In 2021

There are quite a lot of irrational fears inspired by pop culture. One of them is the AI scare – whenever there is a new development in robotic technology, a handful of people often ask if these can overrule humanity’s planetary authority. When asked where this fear stems from, they will often source credible scientific […]

Epos Adapt 560 Review Philippines: Calls First, Music Second

Review Verdict: Now available in the Philippines, the Epos Adapt 560 has a lot going for it as it seeks to be the headphone of choice for business people on the go. It is held back only by strange ergonomics and okay-ish sound, catering to a niche market.  Pros Comfortable, light and easy to bring […]

BOC Is Now Putting Smuggled Cars Up For Sale In The Philippines

For the people working at the Bureau of Customs (BOC), finding smuggled goods is part of any regular day. Whether these be random items, gadgets, or supercars disguised in piles of ukay-ukay clothes, certain individuals are always devising new ways to get past importation taxation. When exotic vehicles make their way to the BOC Facebook […]

8 Weird Things We Found That You Can Buy Online In 2021

With Christmas quickly approaching, countless netizens have been scouring e-commerce websites looking for gifts to give themselves and their loved ones. Well, the internet is a diverse space of users with infinitely unique preferences. There definitely are some items up for sale that surely won’t appeal to everyone but nonetheless are quite interesting. Here are […]

Snapdragon G3x Gaming Processor Will Power Next-gen Handheld Consoles

Established chipset manufacturer Qualcomm has just announced the up-and-coming addition to their Snapdragon lineup, the G3x Generation 1 gaming processor. This 2021 release aims to fill a gap in their current plethora of offerings, a Snapdragon gaming processor to be used for handheld consoles. The hardware details on the Snapdragon G3x processor are still limited. […]

Five Things I Didn’t Expect Out Of The Toyota GR Yaris In The Philippines

The Toyota GR Yaris. It’s a modern-day homologation model rally car that has gained rave reviews from the very first day. Its charm comes from the fact that, unlike other rally vehicles, the GR Yaris shares almost nothing with the base Toyota Yaris. This is a machine developed purely to win races and everything second. […]

Google Won’t Allow Election Ads For Philippine 2022 Elections Starting Feb

If you’ve been getting tired of the election advertisement bombardment, then hang on just a little bit more – Google Philippines has just announced that it will no longer accept election ads during the official campaign period starting February 8 until May 9, 2022. This ban applies to any election advertisements purchased through Google Ads, […]

Very Few People Are Using Windows 11: Why Download?

With PC usage integrated into daily life as well as enterprise use, there are an estimated 1.5 billion people on the operating system Windows worldwide. Surprisingly, according to a survey performed by Lansweeper on 10 million computers, Microsoft’s latest and greatest Windows 11 has just seen 0.21% of PC users download and transition to the […]

realme narzo 50i Review Philippines: Entry-Level Basics

Review Verdict: the realme narzo 50i is an entry-level Android device suitable for most use cases here in the Philippines. Its performance is more than enough for everyday tasks such as browsing social media, accessing the internet, and binge-watching on YouTube and Netflix, though if you want more you’ll have to look at another device.  Pros […]

2022 Ford F-150 Diesel Now In The Philippines: Specs, Price

The Ford F-150, America’s best-selling car for 40 years, finally gets an all-new iteration launched in the Philippines this November 2021. At an introductory price of Php 3,398,000, this mammoth of a pick-up truck is only shipped to the Philippines with the 3.0L 4-Valve DOHC Power Stroke® V6 Turbo Diesel. The all-new truck boasts masculine […]