Richmond Tan

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Review: Xiaomi Goes Metal

We review the Redmi Note 3! Xiaomi’s offerings, while perfectly affordable, are usually all-plastic affairs. That less than premium approach has put the company at a disadvantage, especially since its domestic competitors have been pushing out elegant, all-metal devices for a good while now. That’s changed with the Redmi Note 3, a phone announced a […]

Xiaomi Mi Powerbank 10,000mAh VS Asus Zenpower 10050mAh: The Definitive Head-to-head

Which one is better? Xiaomi’s powerbanks have been a perennial favorite when it first stepped on the scene in the PH market a few months ago. Since then they have been the benchmark of consumers looking for a great powerbank at a low price. Their recently released 10,000mAh powerbank (which isn’t available in the PH […]

Xiaomi Mi 4i Review: A Flagship For Emerging Markets

Ready for global domination! After launching several premium phones which targeted the higher market (Mi4, Mi Note, Mi Note Pro), Xiaomi has renewed its focus on the mid-end with their Mi 4i. The Xiaomi Mi 4i holds the distinction of being the first major device that the company launched outside of China, intended to be […]

Xiaomi Mi Note Pro Review: Bang for the Buck Flagship?

We review Xiaomi’s top of the line Mi Note Pro! By: Richmond Li Tan Announced late January 2015, the Xiaomi Mi Note Pro is the higher end version of the company’s Mi Note. Equipped with the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 processor, the Mi Note Pro is on track to be one of the most powerful flagships to […]

Shed Those Extra Kilos With Xiaomi’s Intelligent Mi Scale

By: Richmond Li Tan Lose weight faster with the smart scale Anybody who has ever tried to lose weight in the past will tell you how hard it is to shed those extra pounds. Everytime you stepped on a weighing scale, you secretly wished that it could tell you to stop wolfing down all of that […]

Brown Out? Keep Cool and Bright with Xiaomi’s Mi Fan and LED Light

By: Richmond Li Tan The perfect summer companions If you haven’t noticed, Manila has transformed into the surface of the sun. Just the other day the mercury rose past 38 degrees, which is a number which is entirely too high for our liking. If we had a choice we’d stay inside the entire day and crank […]

Xiaomi’s Mi Backpack is A Stylish Bag For Techies

By: Richmond Li Tan Yes, Xiaomi also makes backpacks Just when you thought that Xiaomi is all about smartphones and nothing but smartphones, guess again. The company has already shown their willingness to try different things, shown by their powerstrip, powerbanks, Tvs and even an air purifier. But even though the company makes a whole lot […]

Xiaomi Mi Powerstrip Review: An Extension Cord From The Future

By: Richmond Li Tan We review the Mi Powerstrip! Powerstrips and extension cords have stayed relatively the same for decades. The idea has been simple since their inception – create a way to extend a power socket and allow multiple devices to plug in at the same time. Over the years companies have added fuses and […]

Xiaomi Mi Note Review: A High End Phablet At A Mid-Range Price

By: Richmond Li Tan Speculations ran wild back in late 2014 about a possible successor to Xiaomi’s Mi 4 flagship. All signs pointed to a 5.5-inch flagship that had a curved glass body and a design that closely followed their previous device. Imagine everybody’s surprise when the company announced a phablet instead – the Mi Note. The […]