5 Cherry Home Products That’ll Make Your Home Smarter

Appliances that you can control on your mobile phone

Cosmic Technologies Inc, the company behind local brand Cherry Mobile is branching out. The company isn’t just selling smartphones – they’ve established a new brand dubbed Cherry Home as well as a new software ecosystem for smart devices much in the same vein as Xiaomi and their Mi Home.

The brand promises much of the same as other smart home systems: easy integration of their home products via a centralized app, as well as a large selection of devices and other IoT products. We’ve culled through a few of the products the brand offers below. Take note that all of these products can easily be controlled by the Cherry Home app that you can download from Google Play.

Cherry Home Smart Entrance Lock – Php 10,000

Cherry Home’s Smart Entrance Lock has multiple entry points that you can set the lock to respond to such as your fingerprint, a numeric passcode, an RFID, or remote access through the Cherry Home App. Just imagine opening your door without having to touch the keypad. This also has a one-time-passcode feature that you can use for guests making it ideal for a rental guest house or an AirBNB listing.

Get the Cherry Home Smart Entrance Lock here 

Cherry Home Smart Multi-Color Bulb – Php 750

If you need affordable mood-lighting, Cherry Home has its own Smart Multi-Colored Bulb that you can install around your house. Settings such as brightness, color, and even schedules for when you want these settings to be applied on this 9-Watt LED bulb can be adjusted using the Cherry Home App via data or wifi. As an added bonus, it is also compatible with Google Home and Amazone Echo, making them ideal low-cost alternatives to more expensive smart bulbs in the market.

Get the Cherry Home Smart Multi-Color Bulb here 

Cherry Home Pet Fountain – Php 5,000

Keep your pets hydrated throughout the day even while you are away from home using the Cherry Home App on your device. The water fountain can hold 2 liters of water than can be scheduled to be pumped throughout the day. It comes equipped with a germicidal UV Tube and replaceable filter to ensure that your pets are drinking clean water. A LED display notifies the owner when the filter needs to be replaced.

Get the Cherry Home Pet Fountain here

Cherry Home GX4 Smart bullet camera – Php 2,900

Cherry also has a robust line of security cameras you can choose from, and for this list, we’ve included their affordable Smart bullet camera. This outdoor CCTV camera can take 1080P color videos with its 3.6mm lens that can swivel a 120-degree rotation. It also has a night mode that can light up dark environments in order to capture bright images at night.

Get the Cherry Home GX4 Smart Bullet Camera here 

Cherry Home Smart Video Doorbell – Php 3,250

The Cherry Home Smart Video Doorbell comes equipped with a tiny camera that has a 140-degree viewing angle that captures Real-Time 1080p videos with night vision. Now you have a decent view of your entryway as you would from a decent vantage point instead of an analog fisheye peep-hole that’s typical to hotel doors. It also has a two-way audio system that lets you communicate with the person at your door without having to go out and meet them, affording you an extra layer of security.

Get the Cherry Home Smart Video Doorbell here

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  1. Most of the products they put out, Xiaomi already has, you can tell who they are copying. Imitation is teh sincerest form fo flattery ba cherry mobile? hehehe

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