All the ECQ 2021 Guidelines You Need to Know

With NCR+ (Metro Manila, Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, and Rizal) going back to Enhanced Community Quarantine or ECQ starting tomorrow, March 29, 2021, multiple establishments and services have released statements on their operation during the week-long ECQ period. To make it easy, we compile all of the updates here on this article. Read on:

Lalamove: while they will continue to be operational during the ECQ period, curfew guidelines will apply–which means you cannot book a rider from 6PM to 5AM. In addition, Lalamove will continue to implement liquor ban guidelines.

Shopee: While their platform will remain accessible to users, Shopee is giving a heads up to possible delivery delays for non-essential items during the time being. In addition, Shopee is highly encouraging everyone to use contactless payment options like ShopeePay, online banking, or online bank transfers.

VeMoBro: Just like Shopee, VeMoBro’s operations will still continue during the ECQ period, with the delivery of essential goods such as grocery items, fruits and vegetables as their top priority for the time being.


PLDT-Smart: As they have said in their Facebook post, they will be ceasing operations of their physical stores for the time being. Those who need to settle matters like bills payment can do so through their online and digital channels.

Malls within the NCR+ bubble: All malls will limit essentials like supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, hardware stores, convenience stores, and select restaurants during the ECQ period. All essential stores will be open from 10am to 5pm, while supermarkets will be open from 7am to 6pm.

On top of that, SM Malls, Ayala Malls, and Robinsons Malls will be offering free parking for its customers during the said period.

That’s all the NCR+ ECQ 2021 guidelines you need to know starting tomorrow. We will update this article as more services release statements regarding their operatins during the ECQ period.

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  1. Lock downs, curfews, face masks, face shields, etc, etc, etc, have done nothing to stop the spread of the current virus (there have been others and there will be others in the future). We have lived with these foolish draconian rules and regulations for over one year now…and…we have the second highest Covid-19 infection rates in S.E. Asia!!!

    So what’s the answer? Learn to practice personal, safe, and effective health protocols!

    Taiwan initiated massive ad campaigns to inform their citizens about good and bad health habits. Their country has one of the lowest infection and death rates on the planet. Of course, they also closed their borders to Chinese passport holders at the very onset of the virus, we did not.

    You see, we just don’t teach people.

    Instead, we are governed by authoritative mandates telling us how and when we can live our lives.

    People need to be taught, not ordered about.

    In lieu of the government’s failure to teach important hygiene lessons, allow me to help.

    Stop sharing food! Stop putting the spoon that you put into mouth into the same serving dish that others will be taking their food from too! Stop sharing the same drinking glass or cup! Moms, stop using the spoon you put into your mouth or the drinking glass you drink from to give food or drink to your child. Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! That is a direct source of transmission and spreads both viral and bacterial pathogens.

    Wash your hands with soap and water! Especially after you use the toilet. Carry sanitary wipes with you when you use a public comfort room, because as we all know, most of them don’t provide soap for the washing of your hands.

    Stop the hugging, kissing and handshakes. Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!

    Your can wear one, two or three face masks and a face shield and even a space suit…but none of those things will stop the spread of any viral pathogen unless you first practice good hygiene habits!

    Now that’s real science!

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