You should Check Out this Hidden Gadget Shop in the South

Do you live in the South AND want to buy almost all of your gadget needs at one convenient spot? AllHome recently expanded its store offerings with AllDigital, a Gadget store that offers a variety of cool gadgets that will fancy anyone.

With its first store opening at Evia Lifestyle Center in Las Pinas, AllDigital offers quite a number of products. These include electronic unicyles that have an independent suspension for using them in trail roads, a variety of drones for your kids to learn (before getting the expensive ones from brands like DJI), a super cool Smart Dresser from Samsung that dries and sanitizes clothes while stored inside the closet, and different standing desks to improve your work from home space.

Speaking of smart products from Samsung, All Digital also sells digital locks and smart refrigerators in case you are all in to splurge and make your home fully digital–all controllable through your smartphone! Fun fact: Samsung’s Smart Refrigerator can do a variety of things like plan your meals, monitor the contents inside, and even watch YouTube videos if that’s your thing.

Aside from high-tech gadgets, AllDigital is also a space for toy collectors as they have life-sized versions of Iron Man and Darth Vader for sale at their store. Be prepared to spend a fortune though, as the real-life Iron Man statue will fetch you close to half a million.

Being a gadget store, you also get a line of smartphones on sale like the entire iPhone 12 and 11 series, OPPO’s recently-launched Reno5 series in both 4G and 5G flavors, MSI Laptops, and Philips’ line of smart home lighting solutions.

AllDigital Gadget Store is located at Evia Lifestyle Center in Las Piñas. Make sure to visit AllDigital’s Facebook and Instagram pages to know more about the other products they are offering. 

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  1. AllDigital has a nice selection of gadgets, although their staff is not very knowledgeable. We bought an Xbox controller from them earlier this year and they could not even demo it, there is no one there who knew how to work the controller nor are there any games to test it on.

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