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DICT Asks Public To Share Their Thoughts On Incoming Third Telco

The government wants to know what you think

If you’ve been passionately voicing your support for the incoming third telco (whoever that may be) and want your comments, inputs and insights heard by the government, then you are in luck. The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) is now asking the public to email their comments, insights and inputs on the process of selecting a new major telco player.

While the DICT will be accepting all emails sent to newmajorplayer@dict.gov.ph, you’ll want to keep your comments brief, insightful and to the point when commenting so it’ll be taken seriously. Also take note that any email sent will be made public record, so keep that in mind when you send your email.

The DICT has also opened up a new Facebook page where you can share your thoughts on the entry of the third telco player, which you can access here.

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