End of an Era: Yahoo Groups To Shut Down for Good on December 15

Save your files before the purge

If you’re a millennial, a big part of your life is about to go away: Verizon, which bought Yahoo in 2017, announced its plans to put groups.yahoo.com offline for good on December 15, 2020, citing “a steady decline in usage over the last several years” as the reason. The company showed no intention of reviving the service since they’ve been aggressively suspending the email address of archivists who tried to preserve 20 years of content on the site since last year.

Before the time of Reddit or Facebook Groups, there was Yahoo! Groups. The service was more or less similar to forums that we’ve grown more familiar with in recent years. Yahoo! Groups is best known for its ability to send mass-email conversations with all its group members at once.


All content from Yahoo Groups will be wiped out, and email service suspended once it is shut down. This includes files, polls, links, photos, folders, database, calendar, attachments, conversations, email updates, message digest, and message history. “You’ll have until that date to save anything you’ve uploaded,” according to their announcement post.

It’s high time you get to archiving your files from Yahoo Groups before it gets lost in the void completely. The company advised its users to organize and move to new message boards before the email functionality of their Yahoo! Groups address starts bouncing.

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  1. Only the Yahoo Group’s email address will stop working. Your regular Yahoo address will work just fine. 🙂

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