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Sennheiser Inks Partnership with JB Music

Sennheiser Asia Marketing Director Martin Low and JB Music Chief Operating Officer Jerico Fernando.

JB Music is now an official retailer of Sennheiser products

Audio equipment brand Sennheiser expands its market presence in the Philippines by signing a partnership with Filipino retail store JB Music. Made official last July 16 at JB Music’s flagship store, the agreement grants JB Music to sell all of Sennheiser’s audio products in all of its stores around the Philippines.

“Our partnership with JB Music will significantly reinforce Sennheiser brand awareness and recognition toward strengthening our position in the Filipino professional audio solutions segment,” shares Sennheiser Asia Marketing Director Martin Low said.

JB Music will be selling Sennheiser’s acclaimed headphones and microphone products which include the XS Wireless Digital audio system and the Evolution Wireless G4.

Made for stage performances, DSLR setups and musical instrument audio, the XS Wireless Digital uses a 2.4Ghz connection for seamless peer-to-peer connection between the transmitter and receiver. Both the transmitter and receiver can run up to 5 hours and is charged via USB-C.

The Evolution Wireless G4 upgrades from its predecessor with a wider bandwidth at up to 88MHz and a powerful 50mW output for improved RF audio transmission.

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