FoodPanda Releases Official Statement on Recent Complaints

by Duey Guison  January 14, 2022

Foodpanda Insures Their Riders

Following a series of complaints that have surfaced over at social media, FoodPanda has released an official statement to address some of these issues–specifically with the one coming from Mama Dith’s.

In its statement, FoodPanda acknowledges that they “have made shortcomings in giving them [Mama Dith’s] the kind of service they themselves give to their own customers.” Based on its investigation, FoodPanda admits that there was “a human error in the updating of bank information,” leading to delayed remittances to Mama Dith’s. In addition to that, FoodPanda said that they have completed all pending payments to Mama Dith’s as of last week.

“We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience to Mama Dith’s and other affected vendors as we continue to reach out to them to convey our apologies,” FoodPanda said in its statement.

As for the other complaints, FoodPanda assures everyone that they are “conducting a thorough review of our customer, vendor, and rider service processes, so that concerns may be received, responded to, and addressed in a more timely manner.”

“We reiterate our commitment to provide you with the high quality of service you deserve; to continue listening to your concerns, and to learn from our mistakes in order to be
better and do better,” FoodPanda said in its closing remarks.

You can read FoodPanda’s full statement below:

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    I loved ordering from Food Panda as they have so many discounts on top of other discounts which you can not get if you order direct from food merchant. Sometimes we are surprised how can they give such hefty discounts. Now we know, all discounts given to customers are at the expense of the food retailer. While we, customers enjoy and love the discounts being extended to us by Food Panda, it’s dishearthening to know that the food merchants are the ones that suffer and that is heavy to accept especially those who are just small businesses. Please DO NOT DO THAT Food Panda. Please uplift and help the small food business enterprises. They are in that business to earn in their small capacity. I am a customer and I have no food business but I feel for them.

    Good job on admitting your mistakes. Just make sure to compensate the aggrieved vendor(s) and make sure to never repeat the same mistake.

    Good thing FP is resolving the issue. This company and other companies alike are generating thousands of jobs for Filipinos. We all just hope for harmonious relationships between the stakeholders for the betterment and success of everybody.

    raisedbthe service fee of all riders…we riders of foodpanda are getting low SF while gasoline and other maintenance for our motorcycle are always raised up consecutive…but our SF are getting lower and lower

    Pls also add some delivery fee for our beloved rider…they take the risk so that they deliver the food we order…customer pay for the deliver fee but food panda payback half the price