Get An Unfair Advantage With the Lenovo Legion Phone Duel

Everyone wants to win their multiplayer matches. Who doesn’t want to get their rank/MMR up whenever they fire up LoL: Wild Rift, Mobile Legends, or COD Mobile, right? And while the old adage that “it’s not the arrow, it’s the Indian” is still true, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t equip yourself with the best gear available to help you crush the competition. That’s where the Lenovo Legion Phone Duel comes in.

If you want to talk about unfair advantage, the Legion Phone Duel is that very idea personified. Hear us out.

First off, it definitely looks the part of a gaming phone. It’s very aggressively designed and has been optimized as a gaming machine from the outset. Its form follows its primary function – the mostly landscape-optimized layout makes for easier mobile gaming, which translates to a more comfortable experience when you’re playing with your friends in a ranked match.

Remember when we told you the phone gives you an unfair advantage? That’s thanks to a number of built-in features, the most obvious of which is the touch-sensitive zones on the frame. These are clearly marked on the phone and give you virtual shoulder buttons that you can customize, useful for FPS games like COD Mobile. You can also use these buttons for MOBAs like LoL: Wild Rift, and they’re fully customizable depending on your needs.

Speaking of customizability, there’s plenty of things you can change in the phone to suit your performance needs. For times you really need those extra frames, you can turn on Rampage mode, which overclocks the phone’s GPU and CPU while playing.

The phone has two USB Type-C ports – one on the side and one on the bottom – so you can charge and play your favorite mobile game without having to constantly reposition your hands like you do on non-gaming phones.

The display is absolutely gorgeous, which is what you’d expect from an AMOLED panel. It’s 6.65 inches in size so it’s plenty big, and playing on it is world-changing if you haven’t used a phone with a fast refresh rate yet. Phone animations look buttery smooth, thanks to the 144Hz refresh rate, and your button presses are registered almost instantly thanks to the 240Hz touch sampling rate of the display.

The Legion Phone Duel has yet to meet a game it didn’t absolutely crush, thanks to its Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ mobile processor and up to 16GB of RAM and up to 512GB of UFS 3.1 storage.

It can run whatever Android game that’s available right now in the highest graphical settings without any hiccups and problems, and it’s capable of running these games with high framerates while keeping itself cool, thanks to the liquid cooling copper pipes that are integrated into the phone’s back to keep everything nice and cool.

If that wasn’t enough, Lenovo Legion took the extra step of splitting the phone’s 5000mAh battery into two separate 2500mAh cells to keep heat away from the logic board and other parts to keep the phone from getting thermally throttled. This allows the phone to retain higher FPS counts for longer.

Speaking of battery, the 5000mAh battery is able to keep the phone running for hours on end with regular use, and when it’s time to charge, you’ll be able to quickly get back into the game thanks to the up to 90W charging capabilities of the Legion Phone Duel.

The phone is also a mobile streamer’s dream phone, as the uniquely positioned pop-up camera gives the best angle possible to your viewers when you’re playing. You can also add stickers to your face and add other effects, all without the need for a separate PC.

And you’re getting all of this for a price that other gaming phones can’t match, with the Legion Phone Duel retailing at just PHP 49,995 for the top tier 16GB/512GB variant in Vengeance Red. The lower-tier 12GB/256GB Blazing Blue variant, on the other hand, is priced even lower at just PHP 39,995.

And you’re getting all of this for a low price that other gaming phones can’t match. To celebrate Chinese New Year this February, Lenovo even slashed PHP 5,000 off the current prices of the Legion Phone Duel. The top tier 16GB/512GB variant in Vengeance Red now costs PHP 44,995, while the 12GB/256GB Blazing Blue variant is priced even lower at just PHP 34,995. Get yours now by contacting the nearest authorized Lenovo reseller by visiting¬†lenovo.com/ph/en/where-to-buy. You can also buy the Legion Phone Duel online through the
Lenovo Mobile official store in Lazada at lazada.com.ph/shop/lenovo-legion.

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