Globe Reveals Updated GoUnli Plans for 2021

by Duey Guison  June 15, 2021

As part of its efforts to deliver better value-for-money data plans, Globe is updating its GoUnli prepaid data packs for 2021. Among the biggest takeaway from the updated prepaid data packs is that Globe is now offering unlimited texts and calls to all networks–previously, calls were unlimited only to Globe and TM subscribers. With the said change, this makes Globe have a more competitive set of prepaid promos, as Smart has been offering data plans with all-net unlimited calls and texts with its Giga+ promos.

Another change is that GoUnli 25, which has free unlimited Viber for 1 day, has been discontinued. Check out the updated Globe GoUnli data packs for 2021. Do note that all data packs come with all-net unlimited calls and texts:

  • GoUnli20 – 50MB data for 1 day (previously 20MB data for 1 day)
  • GoUnli30 –  50MB data for 2 days (previously 30MB data for 2 days)
  • GoUnli50 – 500MB data for 3 days (previously 50MB data for 3 days)
  • GoUnli95 – 1GB data for 7 days (previously 100MB data for 7 days)
  • GoUnli180 – 2GB data for 15 days (previously 150MB data for 15 days)
  • GoUnli350 – 3GB data for 30 days (previously 200MB data for 30 days)

While they do not have as much data compared to those being offered by the likes of GOMO and DITO, Globe’s updated GoUnli plans are ideal for those who are still heavy on texts and calls. The mere upgrade for the 2021 plans to have all-net unlimited calls to all networks is by itself is a big, big change and makes Globe’s GoUnli offerings 2021 have more value for money.

The significantly larger data allocations (especially on the more expensive data packs) show that Globe is embracing 4G connectivity and that it aims to make data access more affordable and accessible to everyone.

All GoUnli plans can now be availed via the GlobeOne App. Visit here to know more details.

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    Globe can do promos all they want but consumers are sick and tired of their exploitation on internet speed. They should focus on speed because DITO is more credible with REAL SPEED that this country finally were provided!

    Your sugnal in Canetown Subdivision, Victorias City Negros occidental is very very poor. We cannot barely watch youtube or do facebook when you are in that area.could you please check the vicinity and improve services especially on data. Your feedback is highly appreciated.

    Too much expensive maybe globe and smart should know or try to stay in other countries the offers there is 1600 or 1700 pesos 300gb for 3mnths and some offer have 800 to 900 pesos 500gb for 1 mnth thats data only and the internet there is fast..here too much expensive offers too little data plus slow mbps signal well thats business strategy in other words you need to buy router or wifi to have a good signal and pay a higher price?

    Im pinis.. i bought 2 x dito sim 25 gb data each for 30 days… Connection is 10mbps to 30mbps….
    .other telcos are 0 to 500Gbps but always zero.
    .also i tested globes router on smart.. then globe .. then dito… DITO is best with stable signal.
    .smart is always top from 0 to 100Gbps with zero always.
    .globe us shamed by its own router from 0 to 100puta flops but flops always to zero … I smart before… Then go50 go99 etc… Now im happy dito .
    . BizMuLLaGh.

    Mga bobo d nman kailangan Yong call sa data maglagay kayo promo na pang data lng malaki ma save ninyo e convert into Yong unli call sa Unli Data cgurado marami kayo kikitain

    Globe to globe unli calls should not last force minutes otherwise, where is the Unlimited kung madisconnect din. Still a lousy service and hoping that DITO will make it big to topple this Globe na manloloko.