Manny Pacquiao Meets With SpaceX To Discuss Local Modernization

by Nathan Reyes  January 18, 2022

Senator and presidential aspirant Manny Pacquiao recently attended a Zoom meeting with SpaceX Head of Relations Rebecca Hunder, along with Senator Koko Pimentel III. Their discussions touched upon a variety of topics which we’ll break down right here.

The Falcon 9 Rocket. Photos courtesy of SpaceX

The idea of building a rocket launchpad in the country was explored. The boxer-turned-politician encouraged SpaceX officials to give this proposal some thought since it would make sense as the Mindanao area provides the adequate topography to make this happen. In exchange, a space-exploration facility would provide locals with jobs, opportunities to gain experience, as well as state-of-the-art facilities which will allow the country to catch up in outer-space technology.

Another point of discussion was the Starlink Satellite System, a set of low-orbit satellites with the goal of bringing high-speed internet to remote locations all over the world. For places that even our local telecom giants fail to cover in their network, these satellites could be the answer to the gap in online learning, e-services, and other essential goods that can be accessed via the internet.

Other more minor points were the Boring Company’s assistance in our local subway systems as well as Tesla batteries to supplement the jeepney modernization program.

Hunder and the rest of the SpaceX team then invited Manny Pacquiao to visit their facilities in the US in order to meet their key leaders (possibly even Elon Musk) and continue these discussions in detail.

Featured image courtesy of BWorld Online

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