First Ever Motorcycle Rights and Safety Act Has Been Filed in Senate

by Jal Cutaran  June 4, 2021

It is a well-known and very obvious fact that millions of Filipinos ride motorcycles daily. Crippling heavy traffic, as well as the low barrier to entry, make motorcycles the preferred method of transportation of the masses though it’s not without its own dangers. Motorcycle riders are more vulnerable to traffic accidents because of their exposure VS say a normal car or sedan, and the lax implementation of motorcycle driving, education, and safety. Senate Bill 2263 or the Motorcycle Rights and Safety Act of 2021 looks to address this. 

The main purpose of the Motorcycle Rights and Safety Act of 2021 is “to recognize, protect and promote the rights of motorcycle owners and users to proper standards of ownership and use, to their safe operation, and to reasonable and responsive regulation of the trades supporting the said ownership and use.” The bill was filed by Senator Manny Pacquiao.

Motorcycle Rights Safety Act

The act will focus on the welfare and safety of motorcycle riders and owners in different ways. One crucial aspect of the act is its regulation of aftermarket motorcycle parts, with the Land Transportation Office (LTO) setting standards in partnership with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to ensure that all aftermarket parts being sold are legal and have met the safety requirements that have been set by the LTO. Another is to be able to filter motorcycle drivers through strict examinations that they would have to pass to attain a license. In addition to this, service motorcycle drivers would have to undergo special training and pass a safety examination that will be conducted by a TESDA or HPG training facility. Third, wearing protective equipment shall be strictly followed. The safety equipment requirements will be a set standard that will be implemented throughout the whole country. 

The bill also contains a Motorcycle Safety Program, which states that the LTO shall create and develop a program for the safety of motorcycle drivers and riders on national and local highways. The LTO shall be able to identify the main factors of the causes of accidents and deaths of motorcycle users and to be able to present solutions and implement fitting rules and regulations accordingly.

Chairman of the Motorcycle Rights Organization (MRO) Jobert Bolaños is ecstatic that motorcycle users will finally get to have a bill that would uphold and protect their rights after almost 13 years of lobbying.

“There will be no more subjective apprehensions, no more violation of our property rights, no more harassment for stupid ordinances, local enforcement will be properly trained and screened by the LTO on traffic rules and regulations, legal and legitimate aftermarket parts will no longer get us wrongfully apprehended, motorcycle taxies will be legalized, proper rider’s training shall be provided, an objective and proper noise regulation shall be implemented, the right safety requirements shall be properly defined and enforced, and we shall be recognized as who we truly are, an integral part of society,” he said.

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    Kahit anong batas pa yang gawin nila kung ang magpapatupad nyan ay kurap din walang silbi yan. Yong mga nanghuhuli dapat ang mag training para alam nila yong dapat ticketan at hindi yong qouta ang inaatupag….

    SO ! more KAMOTE riders will lord it over on the roads. Walang mention kung paano ma ducipline mga KAMOTE riders. Pati mga bloggers, pina pakita pa nila ang speed nila sa mga blogs nila, maski nasa surface roads. Wala bang enforcement sa mga ganun?