Netflix Adds More Original Content for Adults & Kids Alike


One big reason why viewers subscribe to Netflix aside from HDR-ready shows is their original content. Daredevil, Narcos, The Crown, House of Cards and Stranger Things are just some Netflix originals that have become household titles. The great thing about it is we don’t have to catch it on a particular channel at a certain time. We can watch these shows wherever we are, whenever we’re available in whatever device we choose.

“As entertainment shifts online, consumers are discovering that they have more control over their viewing experiences than ever before. What they’re looking for today is choice, quality and greater flexibility, and these demands are driving new trends that are shaping the future of entertainment.” – Chris Jaffe, Vice President of Product Innovation, Netflix.

Netflix is certainly determined to give viewers what they want as they add more original content for adults and kids alike.

Almost done with Stranger Things season 2? Don’t fret. Exciting new shows will be available in the next few months. The Punisher, who first appeared on Daredevil season 2 will have his own show and judging from the trailer, it looks like it’s going to be an a bloody, gritty and action packed one (definitely not for kids). Bright, starring Will Smith, will also be joining Netflix’s library soon. Check out the trailers below.


Interested in shows from Japan, Korea and other parts of the world? Netflix is currently producing local content in 15 countries and they are keen on growing the list. Some shows that have become a hit are Terrace House, a Japanese reality TV show and Atelier, a Japanese drama developed by Fuji Television for Netflix.

Netflix has something for the little ones too. There is a default kids account so parents can be sure that their children are only watching kid-friendly shows. Puss in Book, a story of Puss in Boots trapped in a magic storybook is like the modern version of Choose Your Own Adventure books that were available in the 80s. It offers interactive storytelling where kids can decide for the character.

Netflix has a lot of exciting new content for everyone. Now to decide on which new show to binge on.

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