Congress Wants to Fine Telcos for Failing to Provide Fast Internet

by Duey Guison  December 28, 2020

With yesterday’s news that the Philippines is still lagging behind global internet speeds (both mobile and fixed broadband) based on the November 2020 edition of the Speedtest Global Index, Congress recently filed a bill that proposes to fine telcos Php 1 million a day (or Php 365 million a year) if they fail to provide affordable, fast, and reliable internet service that is at par with global standards.

The bill is filed by Makati City Rep. Luis Campos Jr. and is also known as House Bill 7479.

Should the bill be enacted into law, this will prove to be a tough challenge for telcos:  while the global download average for mobile and fixed broadband is at 45.69mbps and 91.96mbps, the Philippines is way behind those numbers, only averaging 18.49mbps for mobile and 28.69mbps for fixed broadband.

Left: Mobile
Right: Fixed Broadband

To put that in perspective, the country’s current ranking at the Speedtest Global Index brings it was behind neighboring Southeast Asian countries: for mobile internet alone, Singapore takes the 16th spot, Thailand takes the 44th spot, and Malaysia takes the 88th spot. Vietnam has the 63rd spot, while the Philippines is at the 110th spot. Even Cambodia outperformed the Philippines, as it takes the 102nd spot.


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