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Converge Speed Boost Plans Improves Connection for Day or Night Use

Converge Speed Boost Plans Fiber X

There are new Converge speed boost plans that let subscribers enjoy faster speeds at pre-set times of the day. Converge launched its Fiber X Time of Day plans for residential subscribers that enable them to boost their internet speeds from anywhere from 70 Mbps to a maximum of 800 Mbps without having to upgrade to an entirely new plan.

Users may choose between the Day Plan, which can be enjoyed by subscribers between 7:00 am to 6:59 pm – ideal for households that have home-schooling kids and WFH employees that need internet speed boosts during these hours. The Night Plan gives subscribers faster speeds from 7:00 pm to 6:59 am which is great for those who work nights or folks who want to play or stream content after work hours.

Converge Fiber X Time of Day

Converge Speed Boost Plans Price

Php 1,899 – 70 mbps Daytime / 35 mbps Nightime
Php 2,899 – 200 mbps Daytime / 100 mbps Nightime
Php 3,899 – 400 mbps Daytime / 200 mbps Nightime
Php 4,899 – 400 mbps Daytime / 800 mbps Nightime

Night plans are offered at the same rates with reversed speeds. Subscribers need to select which plan suits them since there is a 12-month lock-in period for the speed boost plan you choose. After the lock-in period, a subscriber may opt to switch to the opposite plan for free. Switching plans within the lock-in period will incur additional fees.

Existing Fiber X subscribers can avail of these speed boost plans without the need for additional hardware installation. Converge manages internet congestion by closely monitoring its subscriber’s internet consumption to determine which services need to be upgraded, as well as focusing on improving local caching to reduce buffering times.
Converge Fiber X Time of Day Plan Price table

How to Avail Of The Converge Fiber X Time of Day Plan

New customers can avail of these new plans by paying an installation fee of Php 2,500 with outright and staggered options for Php 125 for 24-months, and a security deposit equivalent to 1-month of the recurring charge on select plans. You can apply for a connection through the Converge website.

For existing customers, an additional deposit equivalent to the upgraded plan or the new monthly recurring fee. To upgrade, you may visit Converge’s self-service upgrade website; Call their sales hotline at (02) 86670848; visit your nearest Converge business center or field sales agent. This upgrade is available to both new and existing customers in areas where Converge has reached.

As an added treat for existing subscribers, Converge has a “Member Get Member” referral program that rewards customers with a 50% rebate for successful referrals. For Converge’s Fiber X Time of Day launch, the first 100 successful referrals stand to win limited edition Time of Day merch on top of the rebate.

To see the full, Converge Fiber X Time of Day plans, click here.

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