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Globe Prepaid GoWORK10 Now Includes Dedicated Access to Yahoo Mail

Globe Prepaid GoWORK10Globe;s new Prepaid GoWORK10 GoBooster pack now lets its subscribers enjoy dedicated access to their Yahoo Mail. Globe and Yahoo Mail announced their partnership which grants Yahoo Mail users easier access to their Globe account on both their mobile and desktop. You can also access Yahoo Mail with their GoWORK10 prepaid mobile data booster along with four other messaging and productivity apps.

With the Globe Prepaid GoWORK10 GoBooster pack added to a subscriber’s regular prepaid data, they can access these five apps: MS Teams, Zoom, Telegram, Viber, along with the newly added Yahoo Mail for just Php 10, this data boost is valid for one day making it one of the cheapest prepaid extensions you can get with a Globe “Go” prepaid mobile data promo that usually starts at Php 50 for their most affordable promo.

“We aim to support the varied and evolving digital passions of our customers. That said, we harness partnerships, such as our relationship with Yahoo… giving them the extra boost they need,” said KD Dizon, Globe’s Vice President for Consumer Mobile Business.

For Globe Prepaid Subscribers to avail of the Globe Prepaid GoWORK10 promo, you need to be registered to any of Globe Prepaid’s “Go” promos. Once you’ve registered you can extend your current prepaid credit by texting “GoWork10” to 8080. GoWORK10 GoBooster can also be availed through the GlobeOne App and Gcash app.

Globe Prepaid GoWORK10

How to Get the Globe Prepaid GoWORK10Go Booster

  • Open the Gcash App
  • Choose “Buy load”
  • Enter the number you want to buy load for and tap next

If you’re not yet registered to any Go promo:

  • Choose the “GoBoosters” tab and purchase any Go promo you need and tap “Next”
  • Pay for your selected promo.

If you’re already registered to a Go promo:

  • Choose “GOBOOSTERS” tab
  • Scroll down and select “GoWork10” and tap “Next”
  • Pay for the GoWORK10 promo

To find an extensive list of Globe Prepaid’s “GoBOOSTER” packs you may click here.

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