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Philippine National ID Registration Portal Launching This May

The Philippine Statistics Authority is officially launching the National ID Registration online portal next month. Right now there are around 28 million Filipinos pre-registered applicants ready for the second phase of the ID roll-out.

The first phase of the National ID registration involved door-to-door collection of information from heads of low-income households. Pre-registered applicants are now ready for the second phase of their application which requires them to set an appointment for the physical processing of their ID. This phase involves capturing biometrics, iris scans, and photographs much like one would do for a passport renewal.

Right now the PSA website where the registration will take place is currently under maintenance to ensure a smooth launch when it opens later next month.

The current number of applicants is still far from PSA’s target of 70 million that they hope to reach by the end of 2021. Those that have yet to complete the first phase of the National ID process will be able to register once the digital portal goes live. PSA Assistant Secretary Rosalinda Bautista said that the launch of the online portal should help speed up the process.

The National ID is a biometric card which makes it different from electronic IDs or senior citizen IDs issued in Metro Manila Cities. The move to have a unified national ID has many benefits, one of them being an accessible proof of identity for low-income household members which they can use to access services that require them such as loans and employment purposes. The National ID Registration portal will make it easier for people to register once it finally goes live.

In terms of card processing turnaround, Bautista told the press that there are more than four million IDs ready for processing and production. PSA is targeting to produce 100,000 cards per day beginning May.

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