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Smart OpenSignal Awards Sweep: Winner of All 7 Categories in Q1

Smart OpenSignal Awards

Smart is the big winner at OpenSignal’s Philippines Mobile Network Experience Awards for the first quarter of 2021. Smart managed to sweep the OpenSignal Awards, winning all seven categories of the awards, a first for any Philippine telco provider. The winner of the awards was determined in a report conducted by OpenSignal that covers the period of Jan 1 to Mar 31, 2021.

“Smart has achieved a rare and remarkable achievement — it wins all seven of our awards for the national mobile experience. In previous reports, it has come close to this mark, but this is the first time that it has done so,” wrote Sam Fenwick, Opensignal senior analyst.

Smart OpenSignal Awards

According to the report Smart has surpassed its competition in all seven categories including Video experience, games experience, Voice App Experience, Download Speed Experience, Upload Speed Experience, 4G Availability, and 4G Coverage experience.

Breaking down Smart’s OpenSignal Awards sweep we see the telco scoring 60.9 points out of 100, which is higher than Globe’s score of 53 for video experience. They’ve held this winning streak in this category since March 2019. They also remain ahead in 4G availability and coverage.

For download and upload speeds experience, Smart’s score rose by 29.5% since their last report. While their Voice App Experience gets a 11.9-point (19.4%) increase totaling 73.4 points out of 100. Smart breaks its tie with Globe from the previous awarding in the Gaming Experience category.

Smart OpenSignal Awards

Mario G. Tamayo, Head of Technology at PLDT and Smart, said that despite the Smart OpenSignal Awards sweep, work does not stop for the company. “We will not rest on our laurels. We will continue putting in the hard work that has made Smart the nation’s fastest network with the nation widest 4G coverage. Smart aims to be even faster by continuing to expand our 5G network, which now has over 2,500 sites,” said Tamayo.

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