Pinoy-made Open RPG Balete City Looking For Beta Testers

by Marz Aglipay  February 2, 2021

Balete City Beta Testers

If Kapres, Aswangs, and Tianaks are the stuff of your dreams, there’s a local game developer who is working on bringing these creatures from Philippine folklore to life. Balete City, a game made by Philippine independent game Studio Enero is looking for beta testers to help the development of the game along.

Balete City Beta Testers

The game is being developed by Studio Enero, a collection of artists and volunteers led by Niley Bacolcol, the graphic novelist behind Balete High. Since there is no major studio or publishing platform backing the project, Studio Enero mainly relies on crowdfunding to keep development moving along. To that end, Bacolcol is asking for beta testing volunteers to help quash bugs and other issues for the game’s eventual release.

The game has been in constant development, with the team estimating that full development to take around 3-5 years, depending on what resources they’re able to tap onto during the process. Despite the obstacles inherent in making an AAA-level game without major studio support, Bacolcol envisions the eventual product of their labor of love to be at par with some of the more successful Western games like Ghost of Tsushima and Witcher 3. Looking at gameplay clips of Balete City certainly gives that vibe. It’ll be an open-world game, so hopefully, there’s going to be mention of real-life spooky spots in the Philippines that you can travel to at will as well.

The game is slated for release for the PC, XBOX, and the PS4/PS5, with a Nintendo Switch version planned as well.

If you fancy being beta testers for Balete City, you can hop onto Balete City’s official Facebook page here, with detailed instructions on how to hop aboard their official Discord. You can also pledge directly to Bacolcol’s Patreon page here, where he details the current status and development of the game to people who give monthly pledges to fund its further development.

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