Razer Working to Bring Medaled eSports at 31st SEA Games

by Duey Guison  June 5, 2020

The SEA Invitational tournament will be entirely online 

Following the success of the first-ever medaled eSports tournament at the 30th SEA Games in the Philippines, Razer is set to bring back eSports at the upcoming 31st SEA Games. To kick things off, Razer eSports Director David Tse said that they will be holding a Razer SEA-Invitational 2020 for the 10 participating nations. The invitational will kick off on June 22, with the grand finals happening on July 3 to 5. 

Given the current circumstances, the invitational will be entirely online—so there will be no offline audience for the invitational. Despite the changes, Tse remains optimistic that the federations will provide the necessary support to push thru with the invitationals. “Razer has been at the forefront of that change with the SEA-Invitational qualifiers and finals to be held entirely online, and athletes will be competing in the safety of their homes,” he adds. 

“While there will no offline audience, we are bullish with the number of potential audiences who will be watching the stream online to cheer for their national teams and athletes for them to defend their titles or claim it for their countries,” Tse said. 

As for the game selection, Tse said that there might be changes, but they will consider all factors in their decision-making. 

Regardless if the 31st SEA Games—which is planned to be set in Vietnam—will go on as planned or with new normal restrictions, Tse is confident that the eSports audience and community can adapt to any changes. “With the presence of well-established online casters and streamers in the ecosystem, I believe esports is at the forefront of online tournament capability, which will continue to strengthen our audiences and viewership online,” said Tse. 

The organizing committee for the 31st SEA Games has yet to be formed as of this writing. 

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