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realme Watch S Pro Review: Premium Watch For Less

Review verdict: The realme Watch S Pro is quite an upgrade according to our review, with the higher-tier model getting more premium features that you might have missed with the cheaper variant in the Philippines. The higher price does pit it against the strong offerings of Huawei, though there’s enough variety here to make the realme Watch S Pro stand out.

realme Watch S Pro Review Philippines


  • Relatively affordable
  • Nice screen
  • Great battery life
  • Excellent styling


  • GPS connectivity isn’t top-notch
  • App options are a little thin

realme is filling out its smartwatch portfolio by introducing its Watch S Pro to the Philippines. The more premium variant of their smartwatch lineup sports better innards, a nicer-looking screen, and the same chart-topping battery life, but can it differentiate itself enough from the offerings of their entrenched rivals?

realme Watch S Pro Review Philippines 2

Design and display

realme’s smartwatches take the conventional design route, with the Watch S Pro sporting a traditional, round watch face that’s common with most sports watches.

The watch sports a 46mm stainless steel case which makes it pretty sturdy, and the glass on the screen is protected by Gorilla Glass 3.

realme Watch S Pro Review Philippines 3

The bezels on the watch are typical of devices of their size and have faux tachymeter markings on it..

The chassis underneath the watch is still plastic though, much like the more affordable realme Watch S. The sensors and the charging pins can be seen underneath.

There are two buttons on the side that controls navigation alongside the display’s touch functionality.

realme Watch S Pro Review Philippines 4

The watch comes with a silicone black strap that attaches via 22mm quick-release latches. There will be just one strap in the package when you buy it but since the watch uses standard 22mm quick-release connectors you can simply buy a replacement if you’re not a fan of the silicone straps.

Overall the realme Watch S Pro looked good on my wrist, though ladies with daintier wrists may not like how big the watch looks on theirs.

The realme Watch S Pro for our review sports a 1.39-inch AMOLED touch panel that has a 454 x 454 resolution display. This is an upgrade to the LCD panel on the earlier, much more affordable variant of the watch.

I never struggled with sunlight readability with the Watch S Pro, since the AMOLED display is able to punch out 450 nits of brightness. This has been one of my main complaints with the previous variant and I’m glad that it’s been addressed in this iteration.

There are auto-brightness modes available for the Watch S Pro, and one thing I noticed was that the watch was sometimes too bright, even at the lowest settings. It’s not a problem when I’m just lounging at home since a sudden jab of light from my wrist isn’t going to be that distracting, but it’s a real issue if you’re driving at night and watch suddenly things you’re looking at it and lights up the display.

realme Watch S Pro Review Philippines 5

realme allows you to change the watch face depending on your mood, but you’ll have to choose from their library as there’s no true watch customization here. You do have the option of switching the watch face to a photo you choose – it’s not full watch face customization, but at least the option is there.

realme Watch S Pro Review Philippines 6

Software and tracking

The realme Watch S Pro has many of the same features as the more affordable realme Watch S: heart rate sensor, SpO2 blood oxygen monitor as well as 6-axis accelerometer. Other sensors of the Watch S Pro include a gyroscope sensor, a PPG heart rate sensor, and a wearing monitor sensor, and finally, an on-board GPS. The GPS module is now able to log location data independent of your phone so you no longer have to bring it with you when you go out on runs, though you’ll still have to sync the watch to your android phone via the Realme Link App.

Like the previous offering, you can also set up the watch to give you notification pings and even sends snippets of said notifications to the display so you can check on them.

realme Link will be able to give you detailed metrics on all the collected data you need, though much like the realme Watch S, the Watch S Pro is more like a glorified fitness tracker since there isn’t really a lot of modification you can do to the apps already installed. You can’t add or delete apps, so what you get pre-installed (and what gets added via software updates) is what you’re stuck with.

To be fair to realme, there’s plenty of activities that can be tracked by the watch, including running, cycling, strength training, basketball, yoga, stationary bike as well as a couple of aquatic-related ones now that the watch gets 5 ATM water resistance.

The watch also gives you constant reminders to stand up and be active after you’ve been sitting for a while, as well as tells you to hydrate yourself during set intervals.

While the watch does a good job in tracking fitness, I ran into issues with the watch’s GPS feature. It sometimes either took too long to lock on or plain didn’t work – hopefully, this little annoyance can be fixed in a software update.

Battery life

realme claims battery life for the Watch S Pro is around 14 days on a single charge, and from my experience that’s spot on, give or take a day. Take note that I’m more of a sedentary dude trying to squeeze in a half-hearted walk or two after a full WFH day, so your mileage may vary especially if you’re a more active person that tends to exercise a bit more with the GPS module turned on, the

Charging is done via a charging dock that magnetically attaches to the bottom of the watch.

Wrap-up and verdict

Our realme Watch S Pro review for the Philippines shows that the new wearable is a solid upgrade from the non-Pro model last year, offering a better screen, water-resistance, GPS functionality, and solid battery life to boot.

But it’ll be entering a price segment that’s currently the territory of Huawei, which offers the same set of features at a slightly lower cost.

realme’s looking to beat Huawei by offering better integration and added features, though you really have to look at their product lineup to see what really fits your budget.

realme Watch S Pro Review Philippines: Price

The realme Watch S Pro will be sold in the Philippines with an SRP of Php 8,990 on Shopee. realme will be cutting the price of the watch down to just Php 7,690 for the mega shopping sale, which is a discount of Php 1,300 total. You need to use GADGETZONE8 as a voucher for checkout during the sale.

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