Scan ‘Em All: Maya Now Supports AUB, GCash, Metrobank, and Unionbank QR Ph Codes

by Duey Guison  September 22, 2022

Need to do payments that involve QR codes from AUB, Metrobank, GCash, and Unionbank? Worry no more, as Maya now supports the QR codes from these banks and e-wallets, making it more convenient to pay via QR at your favorite store.

The expanded support is made possible with QR Ph, which is launched by the BSP and aims to standardize all QR payments. For Maya’s part, their QR will work with AUB, Metrobank, GCash, and Unionbank once they update their apps in the near future.

Aside from the aforementioned banks, Maya adds that their app will function with any merchant that uses QR Ph, and added perks for this include no additional fees with every transaction made.

To recall, Maya is the first fintech platform in the Philippines to adopt the QR Ph national standard back in 2019 for person-to-person payments, and in April 2021 for person-to-merchant payments. With this, Maya continues its push for convenient cashless payments, and supports the BSP’s push for interoperable payments through various platforms like QR Ph.

Aside from advocating for cashless payments via QR codes, Maya has further expanded its platform to offer a savings account with Maya bank and an easy way to purchase crypto tokens.

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