Shell Partners With Grab To Help With Cebu Lockdown Woes

COVID-19 cases are piling up everywhere including in the south, and Shell Pilipinas is partnering with Grab to help alleviate the mobility and on-demand delivery problems being faced by Cebu.

Meeting for Shell and Grab to help Cebu

Like many localities in the Philippines, the domestic economy in Cebu—The Queen City of the South—has been battered since the pandemic started. While the government is doing what it can to help the city recover, help from the private sector goes a long way in terms of economic recovery. Both Pilipinas Shell and Grab Philippines are teaming up and collaborating on a series of partnerships to help alleviate the issues that the city is facing. 

Pilipinas Shell and Grab Philippines will collaborate on a range of initiatives benefiting thousands of Grab drivers and delivery partners in Cebu, helping them save up on their daily expenses and maximize their earnings on the Grab platform.

  • Through this partnership, Grab driver- and delivery-partners in Cebu will be able to enjoy exclusive fuel discounts 1 at Shell stations, and avail budget-friendly rice meals in Shell Select Stores as low as PHP 30.00.
  • Grab delivery partners will no longer need to queue behind other cars and vehicles, as Shell has also dedicated special biker lanes to ensure that their vehicles are well-conditioned to continuously serve the consumers and support merchant-partners in Cebu.
  • To support their medical consultation and insurance needs, select Grab driver- and delivery-partners – who have maintained a monthly average re-fuel of 200 Liters and 50 Liters, respectively, for at least six months, can also qualify for insurance and telemedicine services via the Shell Go+ Pro Loyalty Program.
  • Lastly, Grab driver- and delivery-partners in Cebu may also apply for Shell-subsidized scholarships for their children – easing their worries on tuition fees and allowing them to make the most from their earnings on the Grab platform.

As a result, more Grab-drivers will be motivated to be on the road helping local businesses to better reach and serve their consumers. It will then open up revenue streams for these enterprises that are just getting back on their feet. Clearly, for Shell Pilipinas and Grab, there is no better way to help restart the economy of Cebu than to provide crucial support to thousands of drivers and delivery-partners that are essential in driving economic activities across various industries and supply chains.



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