Sua Is AMD’s New Mascot (And Your New Waifu)

by Duey Guison  June 9, 2021

While we are not likely to see Samsung’s Sam as an actual virtual assistant anytime soon, her long-lost sister is official. Meet Sua, the new mascot of AMD.

Unlike the concept design for Sam that has Battle Angel Alita vibes, Sua looks more realistic for a virtual assistant. Sporting short hair and Korean-like features, you would probably mistake Sua as a KPop star–when you realize that she is AMD’s mascot to demonstrate its TressFX feature.

TressFX is a hair and fur rendering and simulation tech that offloads rendering of complex hair and fur materials to the GPU–in this case, with AMD’s Radeon cards–using Graphics Core Next Architecture. With Sua, AMD wants to showcase how its latest tech delivers real-life details on her hair and how it moves with head movement, gravity, and wind speed. If you watch the video above at 4K and look at her hair closely, you’d notice how realistic each hair strand is and how they move frame-by-frame as if it was real hair.

TressFX is now on version 4.1, which introduces support for Unreal Engine with multiple components, rendering, and simulation material support and Cauldron Implementation with source code for DirectX 12 and Vulkan.

Unlike Lightfarm’s concept for Sam, AMD’s Sua is something that gamers will actually look forward to beyond being a new Korean Waifu. Given that the latest version of TressFX will have support for Unreal engine, that means we might see more characters similar to Sua in future games, bringing us closer to having games that have realistic, life-like graphics.

Notable games that run using Unreal Engine 4 include Ghostwire: Tokyo, Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time, Final Fantasy VII remake, and Godfall.

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