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The Government Wants To Tax You For Having Too Many Gadgets

A lawmaker is planning to introduce Bill that would tax people for having to many gadgets.

PBA Party-list Rep. Mark Aeron Samberg is one of the proponents of the bull, which he says will generate additional income for the government.

“We need cellphones but we don’t need five or six cellphones or 10 cellphones. That’s the aim of this bill, it’s just to prevent people from buying too much on a certain product and at the same time generating income for the government,” Sambar said.

While there is no set plan in place to track people’s purchases of gadgets, Sambar proposes that a person’s TIN, or tax identification number could be utilized to identify people buying excessive gadgets. If a person does not go over the amount of allowed number of gadgets, he/she can get a tax refund from the BIR by bringing their official receipts.

Not to rain on Sambar’s parade here, but we think there’s other, more constructive ways of producing additional cash for the government. His proposal will prove difficult to implement, and may end up costing more money to run than it is designed to bring in. Setting up servers to track purchases via TIN will be a nightmare, since cashiers and point-of-sale terminals will have to be connected together to create the network. There’s alos a question of how much is too much? Who sets the arbitrary number of how many gadgets is too much for a single person?


John Nieves

John is a veteran technology and gadget journalist with more than 10 years of experience both in print and online. When not writing about technology, he frequently gets lost in the boonies playing soldier.


  1. lol basta na makapagpasa lang ng bill. how about a bill to remove useless lawmakers who propose stupid bills like this one?

  2. With all due respect Rep. Mark Aeron Sambar, what people does with their hard earned money is none of your business.

  3. people will just buy from grey market sellers, which will drive the official/registered retailers out of business

  4. I never heard about such stupid idea. Has anyone seen this running in any country? What if a gadget breaks earlier? Do I need an appointment to show the broken item? What if I gift it to someone? Do I have to ask the person, if it own already too many phones? Will this apply to stores too?

  5. wow, we need politician but we don’t need too much politician. bakit kaya hindi nlang mga sarili nila na mga politician patawan ng tax dahil excess na at hindi kailangan. mababawasan pa yung mga lang kwenta na politiko and at the same time generating income for the government.

  6. They should think a better idea of increasing government budget, wag naman maisipan lang. Why do they always thinking of getting things from their people and not sharing what they have. They should deal first with CORRUPT OFFICIALS before suggesting things like this.

  7. sira ul0 mambubutas na yan! insecure cgro kasi lng pambili nang sarili nyang gadgets! ika nga eh.. sel0s0! dpat tanggalin mga katulad nya na wlang silbi, sayang psweldo nang tax nang mga tao sa hinayupak na bug0k na yan!

  8. another useless and dumb proposal like the vanity tax. dapat tanggalin na ang mga partylist. dagdag pasweldo pa ng gobyerno mga wala nman silbi.

  9. nag tax na kami sa pag bili ng gadget tapos t-taxan ulit for having too many gadgets????. . .san ang logic???. . .

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