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Top 10 AirPods Cases to Add to Your Cart ASAP!

Okay, it’s been a couple of months now and you’re getting bored with how your Airpods look. What do you do? Upgrade to the pro version or switch to a different brand? Don’t jump the gun just yet, you could simply just buy a case to spice things up! Here are our top picks for Airpods cases that’ll make you want to flaunt those buds again!

Before going to the cute, silly, awesome category, you might be here looking for something more subtle or refined. So here, check out these leather clad or otherwise simply designed cases:

Luxury Leather Case ( Leatherette)

Now P114 from P187 (39% off )

Big fan of the details for this one, cop this cool and classy leather(ette) case here.

Shockproof Silicone Protective Case

Now P135 from P250 (46% off )

Sometimes, less is more. Check out these simply designed colored silicon cases. Our picks would be the purple, red, and mint green variants. Click here to shop it.

Got a sweet tooth and want people to know? Or maybe you’re looking for something more savory? Check out these food and beverages related cases that are just cute!

3D Toast Egg Case

Now P209.47 from P398 (39% off )

Shop this eggscellent looking case here.

“Starbucks” Case

Now P190 from P246 (23% off )

Starbucks and Apple Products, nothing else left to say but to shop it here.

Tonga Milk Cup Silicone Case

Now P188 from P312 (40% off )

If you’re not a big fan of coffee, maybe this cute milk tea case will do the trick, shop it here.

You know us here, gotta have some hype related stuff on this list! Check out these hype-ish cases. Take note that these are obviously not licensed by Nike, Jordan Brand, or OFF-WHITE.

AJ Sneakers Soft Cover Case

Now P192.64 from P262 (26% off )

Put the Air in airpods with this Jordan Case. Comes in different colorways too but we chose this one. Shop it here.

“Off- White” Clear Case

Now P134 from P189 (29% off )

May we present the “Oof –White” case, shop it here.

NASA Themed Case

Now P152.46 from P312 (51% off )

How about a more out of this world case, cop this cool looking NASA case. Shop it here.

Now lastly, the list wouldn’t be complete without anything geeky.

Nintendo Switch Case

Now P196 from P331 (41% off )

Got a Switch and want to flex subtly? How about a Switch themed case for your pods? The colors are a little bit darker than the actual ones from the console, but hey these’ll do just fine! Definitely shop it here, we’re probably gonna get one as well!

FamiCom Case

Now P189.11 from P305 (38% off )

Or if you want to go a little bit more old school, check out this FamiCom themed case! Shop it here.

And that’s it fam, our top 10 picks for Airpod cases. We’ll round up more tech related stuff you might find interesting in the next coming weeks, stay tuned!

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