Toyota Unveils The GRMN Yaris With Racing Team Support

by Nathan Reyes  January 14, 2022

If you’ve been around here long enough, then you’d know that we absolutely loved our experience with the local GR Yaris Circuit Pack. It was raw and turned like it was on rails. The feeling was comparable to the first time you sit in a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution or Subaru WRX STi in the early 2000s – you’d know that this was built solely for the purpose of sharply carving corners with undeniable AWD traction propelling you at the exit. The AWD turbo rally car formula still works, and Toyota has just managed to squeeze even more performance out of their homologation performance vehicle. Welcome the GRMN Yaris; a hardcore but street-legal variant with the goal of addressing the minor flaws with the original car’s performance and elevating the entire experience up to 11.

According to a press release, the team studied its performance in the Super Taikyu Series, ROOKIE Racing, and the Japanese Rally Championship where it managed to score some victories. Based on the lessons they got in situations where the rally car was pushed to its absolute limits, they’re incorporating these lessons into the streetcar to make it even safer to drive spiritedly.

The standard local GR Yaris(es)

No more rear seats. Following photos courtesy of Toyota. 

Changes include increased chassis rigidity via increased welding, 20kg weight reduction, increased width of 10mm for better aerodynamics, and a decreased height of 10mm to attain a lower center of gravity. These structural improvements should give the vehicle better stability in cornering situations to give drivers increased confidence in clipping the apex more accurately and getting on the throttle a little earlier at the exit. Understeer can also be mitigated even further, despite the fact that we didn’t feel much of it when we pushed it on mountain roads.

The car’s performance is further supported by a retuning of its mechanical LSD, close-ratio gear transmission, and low final-gear set. This should prevent awkward or unwanted gear changes in racing simulations.

With the GRMN Yaris, you can also participate in the Toyota GR Update and Personalization Programs.

  • Update Program: As the racecars participate in more races, owners can bring their GRMN Yaris to the Garage to receive software updates and performance parts inspired from motorsport
  • Personalization Program: Owner driving data is analyzed at racetracks and other circuit events. The car is then tailored to the owner’s driving style via retuning of the steering inputs, throttle response, and suspension.

The GRMN model will come in two variants: the Circuit and Rally Packages.

The former will receive BBS GRMN-special 18-inch alloy wheels, Bilstein shocks, carbon spoilers, and side skirts.


The rally package gets goodies for use on the beaten path such as shock absorbers/stabilizers, the GR under guard set, and the GR roll bar (with side bar).

Carbon goodies

As of now, the Toyota GRMN Yaris is only set for a release in the Japanese market. Pricing is set at 8,378,764 Yen (Php 3,755,716) for the Rally package and 8,467,000 (Php 3,795,267) for the Circuit version.






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