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Twitter Makes it Official: ALDub Sets a New Record

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(Editor’s Note: We’re posting the full and un-edited press release from Twitter)

ALDub sets new Twitter record with Tamang Panahon charity concert
First­ever Twitter TV integrations and Periscopes give exclusive access to fans

Manila, 26 October 2015 — Filipinos and people worldwide continue to flock to Twitter every day to get the latest news, connect with other fans and share their passion for the phenomenal ALDub love story. Their latest achievement was one for the Twitter record books ­last weekend’s sold out “Tamang Panahon” charity concert had over 41 million Tweets for the #ALDubEBTamangPanahon hashtag on October 24. The Tweet volume for this #ALDub hashtag surpassed the previous Aldub Twitter record of 26 million Tweets when Alden Richards visited Maine Mendoza at the mansion on September 25 as well as the 35.6 million Tweets sent during the Brazil vs Germany World Cup semi-­final on July 8, 2014.

There were three peaks in the #ALDubEBTamangPanahon conversation with the highest at more than 48,000 Tweets per minute at 2:29pm on 24 October when Alden Richards sang “God Gave Me You” to Maine Mendoza aka Yaya Dub and the couple hugged on stage in front of 55,000 fans at the charity concert.

The most shared Tweet for #ALDubEBTamangPanahon came from Yaya Dub which had over 74,000 Retweets and was viewed nearly 2.4 million times on Twitter.

This was also the first time the E?at Bulaga producers used Periscope to give fans exclusive behind­the­scenes access with live video and also shared footage from the stadium using Twitter’s video capabilities.

The producers did a live broadcast from the Philippine Arena before the show giving fans an exclusive view of the venue before the show started. The producers and stars talked to their fans from the green room backstage exclusively on Periscope.

The producers also showcased some of the most popular ALDub hashtags on­air and on­stage when Alden and Yaya Dub met on­stage. Fans were seen cheering the ALDub stars with Twitter flags at the charity concert.

“Twitter has given us a home, a community where we, the team behind the show and the viewers and followers, can interact. This is a real­time love story ­ a love affair between Eat Bulaga and our viewers. Twitter is the Cupid. This love gets stronger with every Tweet, favourite and Retweet.”

-Jenny Ferre, Senior Vice President­Creatives, TAPE Inc.

“The ALDub phenomenon continues to make history with a new global Twitter record by taking a love story that’s captured the imagination of people all over the world and combining it with the Tamang Panahon charity concert broadcasted live worldwide. By integrating Tweets and Periscopes into the TV show and the charity concert, the Eat Bulaga producers are using Twitter to increase fan engagement for the magical ALDub love story every day. We are delighted that Twitter continues to be a way for millions of Filipinos to keep up with the latest updates from news, culture and the world ­ and share the experience with others from across the country.”

– Rishi Jaitly, Vice President of Media, Asia Pacific and Middle East, Twitter.

About Twitter:
Twitter (NYSE: TWTR) enables everyone to create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers. The service can be accessed at Twitter.com, on a wide variety of mobile devices and via text message. Available in more than 35 languages, Twitter has more than 316 million monthly active users. For more information, visit discover.twitter.com?or follow @TwitterSG.

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  1. fantastic baby.
    such a great honor to be a part of Aldubnation.
    Congratulations to Eat Bulaga, to ALDUBarkads. Aldubnation shows love & unity.
    This is the Power of Aldubnation. The power of Love.
    Let’s all continue to support Eat Bulaga and Kalyeserye and the phenomenal love team Maine Mendoza aka Yaya Dub & Alden Richard.
    To all of us ( Aldubnation ) the word move on is not fit with us. From Monday to Sunday not stop “KILIG”
    Thank you to Maine & Alden.
    We make History, this is all for us. Let us tap our shoulder and shout to our self ” congratulations & Thank you”

    1. Katol pa more. Konting singhot pa para sa lalong mas malaking kahibangan. Tama ang sabi ni lea salonga sa mga aldogs, puro lang kayo kababawan. Ipromote mo yung mga national artist, sundalo at scientists na may nagawa para sa bayan hindi yung love team na puro papanget ng mukha lang ang alam. Pareho lang sila ni pastillas girl puro paglalande ang alam. Aldub nation mo kilikili ko.

      1. ikaw brad, ano nagagawa mong matino sa buhay? mag-dota maghapon? bawasan mo ang inggit sa katawan para sumaya kahit konti ang buhay mo.

    1. It won’t be close indeed because they’ll miss the mark. Sure, the recent quake was a tragic event, but that’s not enough to generate a social media frenzy as extensive as ALDUB’s, much less spawn 41 million tweets in a day or even two.

      Still laughing, bud?

  2. boom panis ang showtime that time. Pinag fiestahan ng langaw ung episode nila na katapat ng eat bulaga sa mga oras na yun.
    Sira na din ang bugaw serye

    Middle finger

  3. archie do you hear what your talking. sometimes you have to be careful on the things that comes out on your mouth. It’s not good to insult someone or utter awful things. Maybe you should start to show respect and fill your heart with love. If you don’t like ALDUB just stay still, be quite mind your own business.
    If that is your opinion then we respect you, just don’t say those things.

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