Unbox Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Gifts for Audiophiles

by Jamie Inocian  December 15, 2016


Music. No matter what kind of music listen to — whether it be pop, rock, EDM, or the standards — I think we can all agree that music sounds better and evokes more emotion when you’ve got a great pair of cans or speakers to listen with. We’ve covered the Best Stocking Stuffers, Gift for Gamers, and the Best Budget Smartphones — so we thought we’d give you a rundown on what we think are the best gift for the music lover in you or your friends and family.

Unlike our previous lists, we’re going to give you budget, mid-tier, and premium options per segment so you have more options to choose from. With that, let’s get started.



On a Budget: Coloud No. 4 Earphones

This was on our list for Best Stocking Stuffers as well and for good reason. We’ve had, and are still using, our pair of Coloud Pop earphones for quite some time now. The Coloud No. 4 Earphones are the successor to the now discontinued Coloud Pops. They sound as good as ever and we think still think they offer the best-bang-for-you-buck if you’re on a tight budget but are looking for a solid pair of earphones. They are available at Digital Walker for just Php 950

Mid-Tier: Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

We’ve seen these pair of on-ear headphones recommended by some our trusted tech YouTubers and have had a bit of time with them as well. The M50x’s are a far cry from the Php 950 price point of the Coloud No. 4 earphones, priced at Php 12,698 on Lazada, but if you’re looking for something with a bit more oomph these are definitely one of the best choices out there regardless of what genre of music you prefer. If your purse strings are a little tight, The Listening Room also has the ATH-M50 (Take note, no x in this one) on sale from Php 9,999 to just Php 4,999. Check the deets on their Facebook page.

Premium: Sony MDR-1000x

If you have some time to head to Bonifacio High Street this week, this one of the products we highly recommend that you try. These high-resolution, wireless, noise-cancelling headphones from the Japanese brand are absolutely awesome! They have adaptive noise cancelling that takes into account the ambient noise around you, plus touch controls on the right ear cup so you don’t have to fiddle with your phone or mess around with physical controls. You can also hold your hand up to this ear cup to let the world back in if you need to be aware of your surroundings or if you want to talk to someone without involuntarily shouting at them. The Sony MDR-1000x is priced at Php 19,990.

Bluetooth Speakers

On a Budget: Elliot Audio Rugged Speakers

This is a pair of speakers that we featured in our 5 Awesome Gadgets Under Php 1000 and was also reviewed on the website over a year ago. The Elliot Audio Rugged Speakers are a great buy for its price, which is set at Php 850. It has a 5W driver that can easily fill a small to medium sized room with tunes and happen to be water, dust, and shock resistant — thus the “rugged” part in its name. You can purchase the Elliot Audio Rugged Speakers via Kimstore.

Mid-Tier: Sony SRS-XB3

These Bluetooth speakers from Sony’s Extra Bass are one of our favorites to ever be sent to Unbox HQ. They give off deep, rich bass notes without sacrificing the mids and highs. The SRS-XB3 can easily fill the room with brilliant sound and are fairly priced at Php 6,999. These are water resistant as well, so you can bring them with you if you fancy singing in the shower. If you’re curious about how it sounds, you can check it out in the overview we did for the Extra Bass Series.

Premium: KEF Muo

The KEF Muo is priced at Php 14,000 and definitely has no trouble pumping out a great level of sound quality and volume despite its small footprint. It also happens to be the best looking one in the bunch and made mostly of aluminum, which means you’ll have to bear with the fact that its the only one in the list that isn’t water resistant. You can check out our full review for the KEF Muo by clicking on this link: KEF Muo Review: It Ain’t Cheap, But It’s Worth It

Sports Bluetooth Earphones


On a Budget: Elliot Audio Active

The Elliot Audio Active is one of the devices that we recently reviewed. Just like the Rugged Bluetooth Speaker, these wireless in-ear earphones are priced at Php 850. At that price, we really can’t argue that it is a good buy if you’re looking for something to help you get the tunes you need to get you through a run if your budget is tight. The sound quality is decent for its price tag and we’ve been getting really good feedback from you guys about these headphones as well. Check them out at Kimstore.

Mid-Tier: Sony XB50BS

We really tried to look for mid-tier Bluetooth headphones that were from a different brand than Sony, but we couldn’t find one that we could stand behind other than the Sony XB50BS. We’re about to write a review for these and its more expensive brother in the Extra Bass series, but — Spoiler Alert — they’re a great pair of earphones at this price range. Being that they’re from the Extra Bass series you can expect really punchy bass with great overall sound quality as well. The Sony XB50BS are priced at Php 3,999.

Premium: Jaybird X2

We simply cannot leave the Jaybird X2’s out of the list. We’ve constantly been raving about how good these earphones are and they currently blow everything else we’ve tried out of the water in terms of battery life; that’s 8 hours of play time if you haven’t read the review. The Jaybird X3’s are already out in the market, but we haven’t had the chance to try them out just yet, so until then this is our favorite pair of wireless headphones at this price range. The Jaybird X2 is available at Digital Walker and costs Php 8,950.

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    I doubt there will be audiophiles interested in coloud. While it has great bass, it has muffled everything else. I think the best budget headphones for audiophiles would be superlux.

    more like “music lover” not audiophiles. yung mga brand ng audiophiles bihira lang lumabas ang mga mainstream.