Uniqlo Travel Planner: Your Online Travel Wardrobe Assistant

Traveling is incredibly fun but it involves a lot of preparation. Aside from plane tickets, accommodations, transportation etc., one major dilemma of many people is the wardrobe. What does one wear for a particular trip? We want to be comfortable for all the walking and sightseeing but we also want to look great in our photos without bringing our entire closet.


For those traveling in the next few weeks and months, the good news is that Uniqlo, a fashion retailer from Japan, already has their Fall / Winter collection in store. The incredible news is that they launched a web app that recommends what to wear based on where you are going and when your trip will be.

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Just indicate whether you want to browse through their men, women, boys and girls collection; your travel destination and your trip dates. The app will then start “building your wardrobe” and will show you the weather forecast during your vacation. Just scroll down and voila! The app will show you the recommended wardrobe for the trip.

Seville, Spain Skirt, Leggings and Top from Uniqlo
Seville, Spain
Skirt, Leggings and Top from Uniqlo


The great thing about Uniqlo pieces is that they’re well made, functional, simple and basic. This means that you can just add a scarf, a hat or an accessory to make it stand out. This also makes mixing and matching easy. With the Uniqlo Travel Planner, choosing what to wear is made simpler because it is your online travel wardrobe assistant. Click here to start planning your wardrobe:

Uniqlo Travel Planner

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