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Waze Predicts Traffic Carmageddon On Dec. 22


Community-based traffic and navigation app Waze has released projections on how bad the traffic will be in the next few days. According to historical data collected last year, Waze has determined that the worst time to be on the roads during the holidays is from 4 to 6 PM.

And traffic, as bad as it is, will worsen to apocalyptic levels on December 22 and 23, with travel times ballooning from 4 to 6 PM. While Christmas eve falls on a Sunday, expect heavier than usual traffic from 2 to 4 PM. Waze also advises you to be extra patient on Jan. 2 from 1 to 3 PM because of people returning home after the holidays.

Waze’s projection is based on company data and insights gained from total drivers per hour during the holiday season last year.

The mobile application also noted expected increase in traffic in other key metropolitan areas in the country, including Naga, Angeles, Bacolod, Batangas, Iligan, Iloilo City, Cagayan de Oro, Davao City, General Santos and Zamboanga City.

“If you have plans to go through these areas, best schedule hitting the road earlier than usual or just go somewhere else to celebrate,” said Waze.

John Nieves

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