Converge Rolls Out 400Gbps Backbone

by Duey Guison  May 9, 2019

The backbone will be crucial for providing speedy internet

As part of its infra expansion efforts, Converge announced that it has rolled out its first 400Gbps backbone network in the country. The new backbone gives way to 400G per channel at 64 channels, which is equivalent of 25.6 Terabps at full capacity.

“This network upgrade will allow us to continuously boost or enhance our domestic service delivery. In preparation for the exponential expansion that is currently being rolled out, this will be able to help us in keeping up with the growing demand of subscribers,” Converge ICT Chief Technology Officer Ronald Brusola said.

Financial institutions are the first beneficiaries of the new backbone, as they require high capacity connectivity or bandwidth to disaster recovery sites and internet service providers. In addition, the backbone aims to provide a fast connection without any data cap for the best Internet experience. 


As of this writing, Converge’s 400Gbps backbone is the highest capacity in the Philippine market. 

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