You Can Now Report Online Lenders To The DICT

by Duey Guison  October 28, 2019

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Make sure to know your digital rights!

Here’s the situation: you needed extra cash to pay for obligations. Since you wanted something that’s convenient, you resort to an online lending app. However, after getting your loan, said online lending app keeps on bugging not just you, but your relatives as well.

Aside from being annoying as heck, did you know online lending apps cannot just contact your relatives without your consent? That’s a violation of the Data Privacy Act, and you can report such cases to the DICT.

DICT wants to make the whole process easy through only three steps. Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Visit the NPC site to download the complaint form.

Step 2: Fill up all the necessary details (and attach any supplementary documents if needed), sign the form, and have it notarized.

Step 3: Scan the filled up, notarized form as a PDF file and send it to

Remember: this applies not just to online lending apps but to anything that violates the Data Privacy Act.


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