AirDroid: Use your Android phone with your Laptop

AirDroid: Use your Android phone with your Laptop

AirDroid: One of the best free Android apps in the market

One of the best free apps in the Android Market

We rarely feature apps here at Unbox but this one definitely needs attention. AirDroid is a free Android App that lets you use your Android smartphone using your browser on your laptop or desktop (regardless if it’s a Mac or Windows-based PC). The main benefit for me is that I can easily read and send text messages on my laptop without having to get my Samsung Galaxy Note from my pocket or bag. The user interface on the browser is also beautifully made. Very minimalist and easy on the eyes.

How does it work

Just download the app and the open it. The app will give you a URL and password that you’ll need to input on your browser. Go to your laptop, open a browser, put in the link, put the password, and ta-daa! You’re done.

Here’s a quick video showing everything.

AirDroid Video

We easily rate this app 5/5 and highly recommend it to all Android smartphone users.

Thanks to Hans Roxas-Chua for the tip!

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