AKG K404 Portable Headphones Review

AKG K404 Portable Headphones Review

AKG K404 with Nationite NaNite N2 Audio Player

AKG K404 Review

(Note from EIC: We unboxed the AKG K404 several months ago but we never got to publish the full review due to all the stuff piling up on our “to-review” list.)

The AKG K404 is one of the most portable headphones that you’ll see in the market today. It easily folds up and you can quickly just put it inside the black pouch that comes in the box. Some people who’ve seen these cans say that they don’t make a first good impression because of the bare metal headband or the ear cups but don’t let that fool you. The AKG K404 has a strong forward and aggressive character. Like the famous quote goes: “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.”

AKG K404!
Shiny... and annoying metal headband, hehe.

AKG is known for their quality in the music world. And the AKG K404, despite the not-so-beautiful design (personally), is not an exception. From OSTs from movies like Pirates of the Caribbean, The Last Samurai, Sucker Punch, Harry Potter etc. to Owl City to Groove Armada to Gorillaz and to everything else, these cans are such a pleasure to use. Don’t worry about blasting the volume (not that I’m suggesting you do), but the quality of your music stays the same whether low volume or high.

My only complaint is probably the leatherette ear cups. If you sweat a lot (like me) you’ll end up wiping ’em every now and then.

How much? The AKG K404 currently sells for Php2,299. You get really portable headphones that have good sound quality. Audiophile or not, I think anyone can enjoy these headphones.



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