Amazon getting ready to launch Amazon Kindle Tablet

*not an actual photo, this is just a BB PB with Kindle

TechCrunch just reported that they got hands-on time with the highly anticipated Amazon Kindle tablet. Based on what I’ve read this is a good challenger to the dominating Apple iPad. If TC got it correct this tablet will sell for just $250 (est. Php10,700) making it one of the most affordable and useful tablets to hit the market.

Allow me to summarize the main features based on TC’s article:

  • There will be two models — 7? and potentially a 10? (if the 7? is successful).
  • The 7? is most likely to have a single core processor.
  • It will have Android OS but Amazon didn’t work with Google on this. They built a custom Amazon Kindle OS on top of Android.
  • There’s an Amazon App Store for all the social networking apps, games, etc.
  • Fully and deeply integrated with the Amazon ecosystem. It has the Amazon store, Amazon Cloud Player,Amazon Instant Video Player, etc.
  • No camera.
  • 6GB of internal storage. Everything will be in the cloud. There might be SD card expansion.
  • Demo version was WiFi only but they’re working on 3G models.
  • Very similar in build to the BlackBerry PlayBook (thus the photo I used above)
  • It costs $250 USD.
  • No release date yet but probably before Holiday season this year.


It may not have all the bells and whistles of the iPad but this has a lot of potential. Let’s see how the market will respond to it.

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