Edifier RM1580MB Bluetooth Speaker Review: Bookshelf Speakers for Any Setup

Edifier RM1580MB Bluetooth Speaker Review: Bookshelf Speakers for Any Setup

For Tunes, Movies, or Gaming

We’ve always found that a nice way to break up all the flashy lighting in most desktop setups is a pair of good bookshelf speakers. It’s a good way to ground the, sometimes, over the top lighting situation, but they can get quite expensive if you’re a stickler for sound quality or a bit of an audiophile. The folks over at Edifier reached out to us and lent us a pair of their R1580MB Bluetooth Speakers to let you guys know if its a solid option at its Php 4,800 price point.

Classic Design to Fit Any Setup

As mentioned above, bookshelf speakers aren’t really meant to be visually loud but can still manage to pull the eye because of its classic looks. You might have been seeing these speakers make an appearance in our videos for a while now and we like it how it provides a nice contrast between the wood finish on our desk, the white walls of the office, and the RGB LED lights we’ve been using as of late.

Unfortunately, you only have the one color option available to you but, then again, black does lend itself well to any color scheme you might have going on in your home; a pair of white ones or one with a wooden finish would have been nice though.

The volume controls can be found on the right speaker. As you can see there are knobs to control the overall volume, music, and microphones since the RM1580MB was designed to be a PA system for small venues as well. In our case though, it’s probably going to be more for quick karaoke sessions.

Quick, Easy Setup

In terms of getting these speakers up and running, it couldn’t be easier. All you really have to do is connect them together via the included cables and use one its RCA ports to connect it to any input or output devices you might have in your setup plus two 6.5mm jack for microphone inputs as well.

These are Bluetooth speakers so if you do want to connect to your mobile device or laptop, all you have to do is press the volume button on the right speaker and make sure the indicator is color blue. Once you’ve done that, find the speakers on your device and that’s pretty much it.  We never had trouble with the audio cutting out from time to time as the Edifier RM1580MB held a pretty solid connection with whatever device we chose to pair it to.

There is an included remote control though so switching inputs, controlling the volume, or skipping tracks can be done from the comfort of the couch too.

Good Sound Quality for Its Price

We’ve been enjoying our time with the Edifier RM1580MBs.

It’s been used at Unbox HQ for gaming, for watching movies, or for simply keeping music in the background while shooting b-roll footage for our videos. Overall, the sound quality is pretty good and it can get quite loud as well; just be mindful of your neighbors. Each speaker consists of a 13mm tweeter and a 4-inch bass driver that gives you pretty balanced audio. You can really tell that these were made for speaking engagements in mind though since vocals come really well and lines in movies we’ve watched the RM1580MB’s were very clear.

I have personally been using a pair of Creative GigaWorks T40 speakers for the longest time and, while I’m completely happy with those, I’ve benched them ever since I’ve gotten these speakers for review. We only wish that Edifier offered control over treble and not just the bass so you have a little more control over what you’re hearing without delving into the settings of your output device.

Verdict: Good Bookshelf Speakers for Its Price

At Php 4,800, the Edifier RM1580MB Active Bluetooth Speakers are a pretty good option and a welcome addition to any setup. These bookshelf speakers fit in with any setup, may it be a modern PC setup with a ton of RGB or of a more subdued classic look to fit the study. The sound quality fits the bill, though if you’re a real stickler for audio or need something to fill up a bigger space with sound, you might want to save up more dough for something like the E25HDs.

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