Firefly Mobile’s S10 Lite Is Probably The Most Affordable Android Smartphone Right Now

by John Nieves  December 25, 2015


Yes, it can still play Clash of Clans

Want an Android smartphone for your kid or loved one but absolutely don’t want to spend more than Php 900 bucks to get it? We have your back – Firefly Mobile has officially released their newest (and cheapest) Android smartphone to date: the S10 Lite. In terms of specs this particular smartphone won’t blow you away, but it’s not everyday you see an Android phone for less than 900 bucks and can still play Clash of Clans.

Firefly Mobile S10 Lite

  • 1.0GHz ARM Cortex-A7 Processor
  • 256MB of RAM
  • 3.5-inch SUPER-BRITE display
  • 256MB internal storage, expandable via microSD
  • 2-megapixel rear camera with flash
  • 2-megapixel front camera
  • WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, A-GPS
  • Android 4.2.2
  • 1400mAh battery


We admit, the specs aren’t stellar but at just Php 899 you really can’t ask for more. A microSD card is a must with the S10 Lite – Firefly Mobile themselves recommend you loading apps into the SD card and not the phone’s memory – but other than that the S10 Lite is a nice secondary phone or primary phone for kids and other people looking for a budget Android device.

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    “Yes, it can play Clash of Clans…”

    Have it been verified? Or just relying on press release of phone distributor? My guess it’s the latter. Even if Coc load, I doubt it will be a pleasant experience. My hands on with similarly spec’d devices (256mb RAM) – not Firefly – is frustrating… Like using a dated PC, apps take forever to load, switching apps (not multitasking) is very slow. And like, 90% of apps will not show up on the Playstore, as they are not compatible.

    Better to just save a little longer and get one of those 1999 or 2999 phones…

    Spoken like a middle-class citizen – of course you and I can buy better. The people this phone is targeted at are the sort that cannot get the another 1000 pesos, let alone 2000 anytime soon – if at all. Oh, and that market is huge.

    Actually I have installed Fruit Ninja and another game on the SD card it still works without hanging. Yes the Fruit Ninja has a few mili second lag, but it is better than crashing or hanging.
    For the price of it P899.00 who can complain. If its for kids or lola’s who want to fill a smart phone experience it is great. But don’t expect it to perform for our daily social media life with different messenger etc.
    Another thing great optimization of the software for the phone. The optimization really pulls this phone to the next level for its price and class range.

    Kung sa Pampanga lang huwag baka lalo ka pang maloko. dito s lang sa Lazada convenient pa hindi ka na mamasahe.

    Firefly S10 Lite sucks! kapag pumunta ka sa lugar na walang signal then kahit pumunta ka pa mismo sa network cell site hindi na magkakasignal. not until mong i-reboot ang cellphone mo.
    pwede ng pamato sa piko.