Galaxy S8+ Bound For Korea And China Get 6GB Of RAM

Galaxy S8+ Bound For Korea And China Get 6GB Of RAM

The best Galaxy S8 can be found in these two countries

Samsung is apparently saving the best version of the Galaxy S8 for Korea and China, as the company is releasing a slightly tweaked version of the flagship in these countries, for very different reasons.

Korea is getting a better spec’d Galaxy S8+ by way of more RAM (6GB, to be more specific) and storage (128GB), along with a free DeX docking station. The phone will be bundled and sold as the Galaxy S8+ Special Edition to counteract their domestic rival LG, who is reported to be enjoying brisk sales with their G6 flagship. Regular buyers of the S8+ aren’t left out in the cold, as they’re getting a Level Bluetooth speaker with every purchase as well.

Pricing for the Special Edition Galaxy S8+ isn’t cheap (not that the regular S8+ is cheap to begin with), and pricing is expected to run to 1,155,000 won, which equates to around Php 51.5K in our currency.

Samsung’s Galaxy S8+ will also be getting 6GB RAM in China to be on par with the flagships currently being offered in that part of the world. Phones with 6GB of RAM are a dime a dozen in that particular territory nowadays, and the move puts the new flagship at par with the competition. Obviously we won’t be getting either phone here, as we’re stuck with the 4GB/64GB version of both the S8 and S8+ in the Philippines.

Source (Korean)

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