Globe hits back at the SMART Netphone with M.Globe Service

Globe hits back at the SMART Netphone with M.Globe Service

M. GLOBE isn't a phone, it's a mobile portal

Globe launches M.GLOBE, a free mobile portal

The SMART NetPhone has been getting a lot of online press lately from bloggers, tech journalists, and social media users. I’ve been wondering what Globe is doing to counter this and it looks like we have the answer. They just launched M.GLOBE – a free all-in-one mobile portal.

What can you do with M.GLOBE? According to the site here are the features:

  • Keep it balanced! Check load while you surf!
  • Like and be liked! One-click updates, posts, and a quick view of statuses on FB!
  • You’ve got mail! Receive and send out emails anytime.
  • Always in the loop! Free news feeds from top sites, plus exclusive content!
  • Google it! Direct searching via Google for instant info you need right away.
  • More in store! Watch live UAAP games on mobile. Get movie previews, skeds and reviews. And download free music! It’s all here!

What’s cool about this? Well it’s supposed to work for all phones that can access the internet. Even if you can just access it through WAP and not the fancy browsers that are with the touchscreen smartphones like the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S2. If you’re interested in this service just text M.GLOBE  to 2910.

More interesting than this bit of news though is how both SMART and Globe are trading barbs with each other. During the SMART NetPhone launch at Jump, one of  the speakers said this:

Isn’t that better? we give away phones.. not awards!

An obvious jab at the Globe Tatt Awards. Globe responded though with this statement which I think was made during their launch event earlier. I just found it online tweeted by Manila Bulletin Tech journalist Art Samaniego:

With m.globe every phone is a netphone. -Peter Bithos, Globe

Fascinating. 🙂

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