GScreen Spacebook Dual-Screen Laptop

GScreen Spacebook Dual-Screen Laptop

Yep, 2 17" monitors on this laptop. o_O;

This is arguably one of the most bizzarre takes on a laptop computer. The GScreen Spacebook packs two 17.3 inch displays (1920×1080 resolution). When you pop the laptop open you can slide out the screens like panels giving you a pretty unique mobile computing experience. If ever there’s a device that will turn heads in a coffee shop, this would definitely be it. You probably won’t get enough time to work though with all of the questions and inquiries about it.

The GScreen Spacebook has entry-level specs of 2.66GHz Core i5-560M CPU, NVIDI GeForce GTS 250M (1GB), 4GB RAM, and 500GB HDD.

How much? $2,395 or roughly around Php103,000. It’s not yet commercially available but you can already pre-order it.

Possibly good for those who do a lot of creative work

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